Sewing, crafting, anything to take my mind off of our rotten no show spring!

Little Addison modeling the skirt I made her.
I am using that term loosely here for she was way into her Dora movie and not in the mood for my modeling idea.
You can see by the expression on her face and her desire to bolt at any moment.
She is two after all, and sweet and smart as can be, but those two's still come through loud and clear.

I also made my niece Chloe who turned 4 on Saturday a little skirt as well.
Now one more to make for little Calista and then I will take a break from little girl sewing.
Anything to keep my mind off of our awful, horrible, no show spring!

On Saturday we celebrated my niece Chloe's 4th birthday with a trip to Chuck E Cheese.
The two little girls had a ball!

Rocking the house down!
Chloe is my sister Susie's youngest and my Mom's youngest grandchild.
Addison is my grand-daughter and my Mom's first great-grandchild.
She has 3 greats now.

Sweet cousin love!
This little decoupaged box is another little project.
I used pansies that I had pressed back when we actually had pansies.
I made sure to grab these when they were at their peak.
I bought the box unfinished at Hobby Lobby.
I painted and then I added the pansies on top and decoupaged.
I then added some pansy scrap book paper that I had in my stash.
And I decoupaged over that.
Quick and easy craft.
The pictures are dark, but they are of my daughter Katie when she was little.

 We just can't win this year as far as weather goes.
Yesterday we added 4 more inches of snow.  Most of it had melted but now it's back!
How ironic that I see my first robin of the season too.
Poor bird, just looking for something to eat through all that mess.
So you can see why I've been a sewing and crafting.
I would rather be outside but like my hubby says, "Cindy you can't control the weather".
Yes dear, I know.
On a brighter front I am going to visit a girlfriend later this week.
We haven't seen each other for 20 years!
Oh my, I am looking forward to it.
Take Care all and send weather prayers my way.




  1. Such a darling model, attitude and all, that's what makes them special. Our grands steal our hearts with all they give us.. fondly ~lynne~

  2. You really have been busy, the skirts look so cute and the girls look like they were having so much fun. Love the pansies on the box too. That is still a lot of snow. Hopefully this will be the last of it. Hugs, Marty

  3. That's a heck of a post title! My heart breaks for you, dear. Hopefully spring will just blow in overnight!

    Those skirts are darling and I love the box you made! I am seeing pansies being planted all over the place here. So pretty.

    I'm glad you are getting away. I definitely need a break after this wedding. Well, it's not the wedding, it's this crazy house and all the last minute redecorating. Why do we do this to ourselves?!!


  4. Look at that long, pretty hair. Looks and sounds like you are making good use of your time while staying inside due to the weather. Sorry about the snow. :/

  5. Wow! That's what I miss about WI, being holed up for days on end because of bad weather... and cranking out projects galore! You go girl! LOVE the skirts! Just darling! You are so gifted Cindy!

  6. Beautiful skirts for beautiful girls!! Here's hoping Spring comes your way soon!

  7. Cindy! That is just unreal. We are siting here with the AC on in Florida. It is hot already. Hppefully your spring will arrive soon.

    Loved what you made, though, and loved seeing the girls.



  8. Our weather has truly yo`yoed for sure. A week ago we were eighty one afternoon, hit with wild storms that night and woke up to 31 and snow. 'Blessed us with 12 inches that day. Today is beautiful but I've stacked the kinder in the fireplace for the cold front that's comin'.

    Cute, cute skirts girlfriend but let me tell ya, that Addison is rockin' that beautiful long hair of hers.

    I'll be sendin' some warm your way when it comes 'round again! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and keep dressin' those gals....'sweet'!

  9. Cindy, those little skirts are adorable! Loving the pansy box. You are so smart. Addison's hair is beautiful. I'm sorry about your now show spring. I would also be getting cabin fever. I hope Spring shows up soon in your backyard. laurie

  10. Of course, that was supposed to say no show Spring. I know you are wishing it was a "now" show!

  11. I keep thinking about buying a sewing machine. I would like to make valances, runners and pillows. Maybe not clothing. Cute skirt. Granddaughter and niece are adorable too. Snow is a four letter word!

  12. Cute skirts, Cindy! The girls are so cute too. How nice that they can play together even if they don't belong to the same generation.My mother will have her first great great grandchild in about 5 months.The pansies box is very pretty. Hope you spring comes your way soon...Christine

  13. Snow? Are you kidding me? I cannot relate. But Spring will always come :) I really love the material you used for the outfits. So cute!

  14. The outfits you made for the little girls are adorable. Love the pansy box, too! Weather prayers are being said. I feel and share your pain.

  15. Yikes! I thought our spring was late! Sorry about the snow and I feel your pain, it can't be long now though, Spring always wins in the end:>)
    The skirts are just darling and they look even cuter over those leggings.


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