New do for an old pie hutch

Every few months I like to give my very old pie hutch a new do!
And she was way overdo for a new do.

She is my first ever antique.
I bought her almost 30 years ago for only $100.
She is a bit battered and bruised but I still love her all the same.
Since I live in Applestone Cottage I decided to have a bit of an apple theme this go around.

Apples, rooster, some spring chicks, a picnic basket from GW. And of course a little white stoneware and my old coffee grinder to boot.

Sorry for the sun glare here.
I am just so happy to see any sun after such a dreary March.

We have had to stop filling the bird feeders around here.
Poor little red headed woodpecker looking for a bite to eat.
But the bears have come out of hibernation and they are very drawn to bird feeders this time of year.

And the snow is melting but ever so slowly I must say.
Yesterday Addison and Grandpa built a mini slushy snow girl.
Oh gosh I love her!
She is so sick of being cooped up and she just had a ball playing outside with Grandpa yesterday.
My Mom actually has daffodils coming up next to the melting snow.
Take care my friends and have a great week!

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  1. Good morning Cindy,
    What a cheerful display on your cupboard. So nice and bright - I don't know about where you are but it's pouring rain here and dark...coming here was a nice spark of bright.
    Adorable photo of Addison with her snowgirl.
    Many blessings,

  2. Both your cabinet and Addison are gorgeous, Cindy. I am glad you are getting some signs of spring. gosh! We have summer here but of course I am still in FL. I go home on Sun. The high today is 85 and sunny.....Christine

  3. I have my mother's antique pie safe ... I know how precious old pieces like ours are. Yours is really lovely. Mine has the perforated tin on front and side panels. Cheer up, sun will find you soon .. in the meantime, the snowman is adorable!!

  4. I love your pie safe and your vignette is gorgeous. Such great antiques and all of your dishes inside are so pretty too. I can't believe you still have that much snow, it is amazing. Addison is so cute and looks like she had a super time. Hugs, Marty

  5. Very Pretty - I like the apple theme.
    cloudy and dreary here today, but at least we don't have the snow, thank goodness. I bet she did have a good time building the snowman.

  6. Great job on the cabinet, Cindy, but I have to say that the picture of that cutie pie with the snow man stole my heart.



  7. I thought you were gonna say you PAINTED your pie hutch for her "make over" and I was about to CRY.

    Whew - - - THIS is a good kind of make over.

    My pie hutch that is a twin to yours I got for FREE! I feel so proud!


  8. Love your pie safe! Addison is beautiful !

  9. Beautiful piece of furniture! Perfect decor for Applestone Cottage too.

  10. This looks so beautiful! I liked the cabinet very much.


  11. Cindy - Your hutch looks beautiful. It is a gorgeous piece. That little one playing in the snow is precious.


  12. Cindy, that hutch is beautiful, and your display is so fresh and pretty. There is a little bird couple that I fell in love with. And what are the apples made out of? They are so unique. Addison and her snow girl are sooo cute. That picture is a keeper. I can't believe you still have snow. My grands had on shorts yesterday! laurie

  13. I love the hutch top makeover. It looks great with the apple theme. Looks like a fun time for your Grand and snowgirl! She's a cutie!

  14. Great makeover...it looks very cheery! I can't believe there is still so much snow there...wow! Addison is growing so big...such a cute picture! Have a great day!!

  15. Wow! What a beautiful piece. Love all the scrolls.

  16. We have actually been in the 70's for the past few days...bliss. The allergies are going crazy, but I turned the air conditioner on yesterday! Of course we have a horrible storm heading right at us, the television is going crazy with watches and warnings (and scaring me to death) and we are supposed to drop 30 degrees at least when it hits. They have mentioned hail, snow, wind, tornados and lots of rain. So, it may be a wild night! Your little sweetheart is such a cutie!

  17. Your hutch is lovely, especially with the red accents...I am going over to look at your picnic table now.



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