Finding Spring and a longtime friend.

Last Thursday, I loaded up my little blue car and drove 560 miles all by myself in search of spring and to visit an old friend.
My destination was the Ozarks of Missouri.
My friend Cheri had previously lived near me and her son and my daughter are very close in age.
After Cheri and her family moved to Missouri we always planned to get together but things just never worked out.

Cheri's beautiful Red Bud tree in bloom!
Well I simply decided that 20 years was long enough.
Yes, 20 years!  Cheri's son and my daughter were babies the last time we saw each other.
I had never driven that far by myself and in one day to boot.
But I got to tell you, it wasn't that bad.
I was exhausted but I felt proud I had made it without getting too lost.
I took a route down that took me through a good part of Iowa.
I thought it would be scenic.
Instead it was horribly dreary the whole way, rained and several area's were flooded which made me feel a bit nervous.
 Cheri's forsythia
But the really cool thing was that the farther I got south, the greener and prettier it got!
Now you have to remember there were still some piles of snow in my yard.
Actually by the time I got to Southern Wisconsin, it was already greening up.
And then I hit Hannibal, Missouri and the red buds were just spectacular!
And the flowering crab, oh my, a feast for my eyes!

Cheri had the guest room all fluffed and pretty.
This cute little tin was filled with anything I might have forgotten at home.
I wish I had a cute picture to share of the two of us, but her hubby snapped a few and we both have the squint eyes here.  I should have left my sunglasses on.  After our winter, I am like a mole coming out of hiding. ha!
My friend Cheri has some of the most amazing collections.
All of these vintage toys belonged to her hubby, Cheri, or her hubby's parents.

Cheri's Italian rooster collection.
They were purchased from all kinds of different artists while they were living there.
Love this!  The colors, the bunnies.

Oh my how I adore these!
They belonged to Cheri's late MIL.

And this set did as well.

I love them!
Cheri and her husband Kevin were such wonderful hosts.
I so enjoyed my visit and we are hoping to get together again very soon.
More on my trip later.
Spring has finally arrived around here.
Yes, finally!!!
I have never remembered it being this late before.
And the weatherman reported that we were 2 days short of record.  And not a good record.  The latest day to reach 60 degrees and over ever.  Happily it was 70 yesterday and will be again today.
So I am going to try to enjoy it this weekend because who knows, it may not last long.
Enjoy your weekend all,


  1. I really really enjoyed your visit Cindy!!! Glad we had no snow, but wished the temps were warmer.. MY goodness, you make my mish mash of stuff actually look good in your pictures!!! How do you do that??? I need to learn!! It was wonderful seeing you after so many years!! Can't wait to see you again!!!! Love Cheri

  2. I did not realize that you had not driven that far by yourself before... You go girl!!!!!!

  3. Cindy, what a wonderful trip! Visiting long time friends is always a special time. Glad you had the opportunity. Thanks for sharing Cheri's beautiful property and charming collections. Love the Italian rooster pitchers. I have a few from our trip to Italy. It's fun to see some different ones. ~ Sarah

  4. Glad you had an enjoyable and safe trip. You are braver than I am to drive that far alone.
    Spring was late arriving here also. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Cindy! Wonderful pictures... And great trip!

  6. Oh Cindy, sounds like such a great trip and so fun to see an old and dear friend. Great pictures. Can't wait until you get here. Hugs, marty

  7. I'm so glad you had a great time sweetie. I thought about you as you were drivin' down. We got a good hefty 5" in a very short time. The creeks jumped their banks and flooded the wheat field. No harvest there now.

    I had water (and mud) come in my utility room and into my family room....what a mess! Your wonderful picks look like home! Heeehehehe!

    I'm so happy you got to make the trip. My Mom's in ICU...covet your prayers friend.

    God bless and have a terrific weekend!!! :o)

  8. Cindy,
    What a nice trip you had. I know you had fun getting together with an old friend. Love the pictures too!

  9. Wow! Good for you Cindy. I have never driven that far alone either.
    Sounds like a much-needed time away to find Spring and a long-lost friend.
    So happy for you!

  10. We had redbuds in our yard in Indiana and this time of year I miss them.

    that one set of dishes has trilliums on it! I've never seen trilliums on dishes before. So pretty!

  11. What gorgeous flowering trees and plants! WOW! And I loved seeing all of your friends' collections. Those toys are the neatest and the roosters, too, and the pottery! I know you had a wonderful time and hope you got back all safe and sound to better weather. I worry about you driving through those flooded areas, my friend, but I'm thankful you made it there and back safely and had such a great time!



  12. First, congratulations on making the trip by yourself! I have a hard time with directions and usually end up lost if I venture more than an hour from home by myself! Love, love, love navigation aps. Now that you've ventured that far, you can come visit me! Oh, how I love her toy collection, and her china collection, and I love that so many things belonged to family members. Oh, and her roosters. Well, you know me, I just love collections! I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit with your friend, and I'm so glad Spring has finally arrived at your house. laurie

  13. I don't like to drive, particularly alone...so, for me what you did is like being Wonder Woman! I could never, but I am so glad you did and that you got to see your old friend. Her home looks like it is filled with pretty things!

    We are finally have a couple days without rain and it is warm! I'm in capris! Of course it ends tomorrow and the temps drop at least 20 degrees and the rain returns through the weekend...again. So depressing and so wet!

  14. Oh my you brave to make that drive alone. I hate to drive 300 miles to the Twin Cities. I thoroughly enjoyed the old toys. The pedal tractor and little cart are priceless.

  15. It looks like a fun trip, Cindy. So glad you were able to go. We really should try to keep in touch with our friends. The redbud trees are lovely! Cheri's china is beautiful. The second one you showed I have seen on the blogs. I think it is called Quimper, or something similar to that. Very unique! Hope the warm weather is back on its way to you.

  16. Hi Cindy...you brave lady to drive all that way alone...glad you made it safe and sound and it looks like you had a wonderful time....And glad you found flowering trees!!. We are still having not such good weather down here in Georgia...I'm back to wearing a jacket when I go out...very unnatural....I bought such cute spring clothes and I'm still wearing sweaters.....

  17. Hey, lady... hope you have fun at the zoo today. Take lots of pictures so we can see Addison's reactoins to all the animals. Glad it has warmed up for you all. Oh, and I'm with you. I like "pretend" mice, too. The others... not so much. LOL



  18. How brave your are! Well done. Love all the springtime images of your friends lovely yard.


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