Burlap and Red !

Hi friends.

I've been a bit stuck in the winter doldrums and oh so tired of my winter mantel look.  And yet a really springy look wouldn't fit yet with the piles of snow outside my window.
So I tried my hand at a burlap wreath.  I had been wanting to for such a long time and when I found this red/check ribbon I thought why not.
Well it's easy according to other's but not so much for me.  Burlap is a bit messy and it took me awhile to get the hang of the weaving and looping.
However I think I rather like it and the red adds a pop to my mantel.

I shopped the house and a little thrift store for more pops of red.
The only new to me things are the little bird house and the red planter.

And the cute little red clock!  Actually my hubby whipped this up so that he could show his Exploratory class one of the options they have.  This class is mainly made up of Freshmen students and they build more of a beginner project.  They only have 4 weeks so it needs to be done fairly quickly. 
He is going to add something extra around the face of the clock too.

If you live at Applestone Cottage you need to have an apple box!
I bought this quite awhile ago when it was on 90% clearance.

A thrift store birdhouse and my little white birdie.
A red planter and a few other accessories for a little more pop.
 I looked all over the Internet for tutorials on making a burlap wreath.  Let me say there is no shortage but some are easier to follow than others.
The one I like the best is here
The pictures and tutorial are pretty easy to follow along.
If your like me you will sit right by your computer screen with burlap and wreath in hand until you can get the hang of it.
So that's my burlap wreath tip...just give it a try, my total cost was about $11.50 for material, wreath and the big heavy ribbon.

Have a great week everyone and just so you know, I am currently mad at that little Chicago groundhog who said we would have an early spring. 
I am joining a few fun blog parties.
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  1. Your mantel looks great, a welcome sight in these bleak winter days!
    Don't forget the St. Patrick's Blog Crawl on the 13th. Hope you'll be there wearing green!

  2. Your burlap wreath is wonderful, Cindy. I love the red and white check.

    The clock is fabulous!

  3. Nice job on the wreath and mantel vignette. I also like the pops of red. I like the clock - be sure and post it again when he adds the finishing touches.
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. I love the new look of the mantel! I am having to hold myself back from Spring decorating!

  5. Your mantel looks so cute, Cindy. Perfect for pre-spring! I'm mad at that groundhog, too! Love the wreath, I'm going to check out the link. Thanks!


  6. Your wreath is wonderful...your mantel looks great! Don't they just yank that poor ground hog up and decide if he saw his shadow?? We don't get snow here...but its been pretty chilly! Happy Monday!!

  7. I like your burlap wreath, Cindy! Great job! Your mantel looks really good. I like your new planter and the clock hubby made. Have a great week!

  8. Cute, cute, cute!!! 'Just a perfect display to wash away the winter doldrums!

    I love burlap but it's murder on the cuticles. 'Just sayin'......Heeehehehe!

    God bless sweetie and have a bright and beautiful day.

    Stay cozy! :o)

  9. I LOVE burlap AND anything apples. This is adorable. Thanks for sharing - more inspiration for me :)

  10. Your mantel looks great and fresh...not too springy yet with the promise of something bright to come. Great job. I can't be around burlap at all-it makes me itch like crazy- xo Diana

  11. very cheerful....I love the bow...

  12. SOOO pretty! You did great with your mantel and this wreath is so cute!
    I would love if you link this wonderful post to my party. It is open until Easter and I will Feature as we go on Facebook and Pinterest. XO

  13. Your wreath is just darling, and your whole mantle just gave me an early morning smile - such sweet warmth! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  14. You did a fantastic job on your wreath...so cheery above your mantel. This SE Wisconsin girl is miffed at the groundhog also...we are expecting 6in. of snow tonight. Here's the thing....I am a high school para, so I wouldn't mind a snow day, but mother nature's timing has not cooperated this year!Jane

  15. I love your fireplace and your mantel. The apple motif is gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  16. What a beautiful and interesting fireplace you have!!!! The wreath turned out great! Especially the red touches... and how you continued the color on the mantle. I love the look of burlap but it is very very messy. Your wreath was worth the mess! Happy and bright!

  17. Love the burlap wreath especially with the bright red ribbon! Your mantle looks great.


  18. Cindy, I love how all of this brightens up your pretty stone fireplace. I had seen the wreath on FB and fell in love with it immediately. That clock is wonderful! After he shows his students, he WILL bring it back for you to put on the mantel, right? Your apple box is the perfect centerpiece for your mantel. It brightened my day to see this "happy" mantel scape. laurie

  19. I think it turned out really well...very pretty. Last year Dee Dee (d dzine) made one and I tried to copy hers. Hers was gorgeous...mine went in the trash. I just don't have a craft gene...once in a while something works, but lots of times it doesn't!

  20. Such a cute wreath plus I love anything red and checks....and the clock your husband made is adorable....He could sell those things!!

  21. Great job on the wreath. We have piles of snow here too. The red brightens things up.

  22. Your wreath is adorable, Cindy! It is the perfect touch on your mantel with all your other fun accessories. We are definitely jumping right into Spring here in AZ but sure hope it sticks around for awhile. Mother Nature sometimes just gives us a small taste of Spring and plunges us right into Summer....lol!


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