Snow bunnies and Easter bunnies can they get along?

These are the kind of bunnies I am dreaming about these days.  They are soft, furry and white and surrounded by pastels.
But in my real world........

It looks like this.  And although I think my hubby Dan is a pretty cute snow bunny, I think he would be more than happy to retire that shovel for the year.
We have a plow too but he still has to shovel around sidewalks etc.

But outside our cozy little stone house I see piles and piles of this.
When March comes I am so ready for this to be gone.
 I would have to  say snow becomes a four letter word at this point.
So whats a girl to do?  Pretend.  And try to make it Easter and Spring inside.
My so easy to make diy Easter centerpiece.
I found the little basket at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap.
I had the eggs in my stash and I see they still have these in their store's.
I used one of those foam shapes to hold artificial flowers in the middle and just poked everything in. 
To cover I added some moss and I glued some cute Easter ribbon around the basket and made a bow and tied it on the handle.

My inside bunny.

I found the bunny pic at Hobby Lobby too.
Easy peasy centerpiece and inexpensive too.

So what are you all doing to make it Spring inside?
Or has the real Spring already showed up?
Seriously this is the time of year I have trouble looking at Southern bloggers posts.
I get a little green with envy.
But when Spring shows up around here, I am so very appreciative.



  1. that is a lot of snow....I love your bunnies...I'm ready for spring...

  2. Loving your Easter bunnies:-) and basket, Cindy.

    Our snow is melting a little at a time. I think it might be gone over the weekend. We are keeping fingers crossed that is all, till after the wedding! But ya never know in Missouri. It was so odd to come home yesterday and still see snow on the ground. There was no snow in SW Missouri.

  3. Cindy, I hat to tell you, but it is beautiful here. My husband and I just enjoyed an alfresco lunch outside on the terrace of a favorite restaurant. All that snow in your photos makes me shiver. Looks springy inside your home though. Love the candy corn. '-)

  4. It's good to see that you have trained your snowbunny well!!!

    Girl, that's a heapin' bunch of snow. You can keep it....K??? Heeehehehe!

    Loved the pics of your precious bunnies. I have bunnies tucked here there and yonder 'round the Ponderosa.

    God bless and have a very beautiful day sweetie. Stay warm and cozy in that cottage of yours. :o)

  5. Oh- I am with you- I am so sick of snow. With all that has been going on here I have not dragged the first Spring thing out yet- I am feeling guilty! xo Diana

  6. That much snow here would shut us down - not equipped to handle it and people here do not know how to drive in the stuff. Pretty Easter decor. You are ahead of me - pulled some Spring/Easter things out but have not got around to doing anything with it all. There are daffodils popping up, some trees trying to bloom and was surprised to see some iris (seems to early for those).

  7. I love all the checks, Cindy! Snow is a four letter word here too.

  8. HI Cindy! Oh, look at that snow! It is pretty but I'll bt it is so cold! Your little bunny dish is so cute and that candy looks so good. I saw your darling centerpiece on FB and it's just as cute as can be.
    You take care and stay warm.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hi Cindy! Yes!!! Snow bunnies and Easter bunnies CAN get along...you and I are proving it....every. single. day! Spring's coming...the robins are back in the Chicago 'burbs! New Follower! xo

  10. Oh, I wish your snow was gone too. YOur Easter basket is absolutely adorable. I love it. Can't wait for you to come here to visit. The weather is perfect. Hugs, Marty

  11. I wish your snow was over...but knowing the way the weather has been this year...you better keep the shovel handy!

  12. Oh My! You make me glad we don't get a lot of snow. But it sure looks like spring inside your house. Loving that basket. The checked eggs are so cute, and that chick pic is adorable. Well done, Cindy! Have a great week. laurie


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