Autumn Happenings

It's been a busy month and blogging has just gotten away from me.
I just returned home on Sunday, after spending a week in Phoenix visiting my son, his wife and my little 2 year old grand-daughter Calista or Cali as we often call her.
What a delightful little girl she is!  Grandma is very in love and has missed her so.
And one of the parts of my trip that I always look forward to is a chance to meet up with my friends and blogging buddies.
Left to right going counter clock wise.
Ceekay (Thinking of Home) Jamie (Mimi's Corner) Marty ( A Stroll thru Life)
Linda (Reminisce this and that) and yours truly.
We always have so much fun, my only regret is that it goes way too fast!

My decorating for Autumn has mostly been sporadic and consists of gourds, pumpkins and mums!

We are lucky to have 2 great pumpkin patches just down the road from us.
One is pick your own for a buck and that is where I bought my traditional orange pumpkins.
The other one has a huge variety of pumpkins and gourds along with activities for the kiddies.  All free of charge.  I was shocked when visiting my son in Phoenix to see that all the pumpkin patches charged an admission fee.
And some of them were quite high. I guess it's the difference between city and country life.
I thought this was so pretty near our home.
Autumn has so many shades and so many textures, I just wish it could last and last.
Our trees are past this now.  They are either nearly in full autumn bloom or already past.  I see a lot of raking in our future.
We celebrated little Addison's 3rd birthday early this month!
This was right after we sang Happy Birthday to her.
She had the biggest grin the whole time and when we were done, she said,"please do it again".  And so we lit the candles and sang it all over again!
Here is a picture I took of her on her 3rd birthday.
She and I were playing hide and seek .  About the only way I get pictures of her is through play.  She is such a busy little gal, and pictures are not high in her priorities.
So that's about it for me.
Now I can spend some time getting caught up with all of you.
Happy mid-October everyone!


  1. Cali is darling, I'm sure you miss her! I can't believe Addison is 3 already. We truly do watch them grow up here in the blog world. How fun you got to be with bloggers in real life. I love the picture of the field with the white fluffy stuff. Our leaves are still green here, but this week the weather does feel very much like fall. I hope we get the pretty colors soon.

  2. Both of your granddaughters are such beauties.... It must be hard to be so far away from that sweet Cali.
    Nice that you get to meet up with fellow bloggers once in a while... I am guessing that it is a fun time....

  3. Those little girls are both just beautiful, Cindy. I wish Cali lived closer to you. What fun to see all your blogging friends when you are out there. I am happy to see Ceekay looking so well.
    Some of the pumpkin patches around here charge, too, but it includes activities besides just pumpkin picking- xo Diana

  4. Oh girlfriend, you are richly blessed with those beauties for sure!!! I had to pop in too see the cuties too. :o)

    I'm so happy you got to go to Arizona for a Grandma fix and a blogfest with some great gals!

    We're smack in the middle of harvest...literally. Sorghum in chopped and the silo is full to the brim. 'Totally amazin' cause the crops were under water. Farm Boy is replantin' the field in winter wheat as we speak. The soybeans need a hard frost before they'll begin to dry enough for harvest.

    The Mom's are havin' a ruff time. {Sigh} It's just where our lives are right now.

    You take care and have an amazin' day my friend. Whew, I can't believe Addison is three...where does the time go?

  5. Your granddaughters are so beautiful, Cindy and they are growing so fast. Your fall decor are so welcoming. How fun that you got to meet with blog friends again.....Christine

  6. I know you get so much enjoyment from your sweet little granddaughters...they are so darn cute! I'm glad you had a good time in Phoenix. Did you and the ladies meet up in a park? That looks like fun!

    So excited to see you in 2 weeks...we have a lot to catch up on!


  7. Your granddaughters are beautiful! So glad that you had a great time in AZ and got to met up with your blogging friends.
    Have a great week.

  8. Sounds and looks like you all had a great time together. Hard to believe our girls just turned 3 - they grow up so fast.
    Typed a comment earlier, but don't think it went thru. :/

  9. Omg, your little Cali is adorable!
    SO good to see you Cindy. What a lovely time we had at The Farm. I needed to connect with you girls.
    And I love the poncho you made Addison! I will have to make one for each of my granddaughters. So cute and functional!

  10. Oh Cali is so precious, what a cute picture. I had such a great time with all of you guys, it is always so fun. Wish you were here more often. Hugs, Marty

  11. Your Granddaughters are so cute ! As I always say " there is nothing like being a Grandma" How wonderful to be able to meet blogger friends!

  12. Loved seeing these shots. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. I can't believe how much the girls have grown!

    Looks like a fun blogging lunch, too!



  13. Your two little granddaughters are beautiful! You are a blessed woman. Enjoyed seeing you visiting the AZ blogging friends. What a privilege to meet fellow bloggers. Have a great wknd!

  14. Wow - your pretty granddaughters are growing up so fast! I love the field and your tree - so different from what I see here in NC so far! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Loved seeing the grandaughters and loved seeing the blogger friends, I am so familiar with each and every one of them, loved the post and the beautiful photography, it looks like you are truly blessed with friends and family...Phyllis

  16. Cindy, you have such beautiful granddaughters. These photos are so precious. I love the one of Addison hiding. So glad you got together with the AZ bloggers. I know y'all had a great time. You look great. laurie

  17. I'm so glad to see that you got to visit your family and friends in Phoenix! It does the heart good to be with family and to also spend time with special friends. Our trees are peaking and falling already. For us, this usually happens in November. It must have to do with our very warm weather and no rain for months. Hugs, my friend!

  18. What a fun blogger get together. I haven't met one other blogger in person yet. Your granddaughters are adorable!

  19. How fun to get together with blogging friends. I have never met any of my blog friends, but one is moving to my area soon and we plan to meet up.

    And, I so envy you grandchildren. I have none, but someday it will happen.

  20. Oh I sure missed seeing you! Next time.

    A very spooktacular and Happy Halloween to you and yours!


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