No sew poncho and Autumn

We are still having beautiful sunny days with highs in the 70's.
But our evenings are cool to cold.  Last night it dipped into the 40's.
We need in between clothing.  So with that in mind I made a little poncho for my almost 3 year old grand-daughter.
And it's just as easy as can be too.
There is no sewing, just cutting and the price is right too.

Getting her off the swing-set is no easy task.
She is a real outdoorsy girl and she loves her swings.
The material to use is fleece and i bought mine on sale for $5.50/yard.
A yard will make 2 for this size which is like a 3-4.
One is also going to my little grand-daughter Calista who lives in AZ. however she probably won't need it until Dec. or so.

Addison likes her little poncho.  It's a little snugly blanket she can throw
on and throw off quickly.
The blogosphere is full of tutorials for them.
Just try typing in no sew poncho in your search engine.

I have just started my Autumn decorating and I need to get on the ball.
I set this table a few years ago and I am sharing it because I love the pumpkin centerpiece.
I used a real pumpkin for mine but I have seen several now that use a foam one and that works well too.
Is it fall like yet where you are?
Time for me to head out and enjoy our beautiful Autumn weather while it lasts.
But first I want to thank everyone who left comments on our kitchen cabinet post.
My husband Dan was so appreciative.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Hi Cindy, Love the poncho and your grand is so adorable! We are seeing signs of fall here-the colors are beginning to change.
    Love your table setting. Have a great day!

  2. So cute - I need to tell my daughter about the no sew poncho. Pretty Fall table setting!
    Have a great week.

  3. Love the poncho.....I want one. Your granddaughter is so cute.

  4. oh I love that poncho! ! am so going to try that! love your new cabinets also!

  5. oh I love that poncho! ! am so going to try that! love your new cabinets also!

  6. love that poncho...too cute...

  7. Great poncho, adorable little gal! I like your autumn tablescape too, Cindy!

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Addison looks darling in her new poncho.
    We have wonderful weather down here in southeastern WI too - I'm loving it.
    Beautiful tablescape.

  9. That child is a little doll baby. Always has been since birth! I love the little poncho! It looks precious on her. I may try and make one for Emily..my little great that is on my sidebar.

    OH!!! I see the pumpkin topiary up in the corner! THANK YOU! I am hoping the directions are somewhere on here. Not sure if I have a base pot..but I think I do! Something I bought at a garage sale and now I am all in a rush to get it done..did you hold it together with skewers? those wood ones? The ones we use for BBQ's? Got leaves, check! Got pumpkins..will get more! Got base..pretty sure.

    Love the table but so far there is not a single white pumpkin to be found

  10. Well, I can see that both your hubby and you are very talented people! That is a cute model you found :) I have just started the fall decorating too. I think we have very similar weather. Let's hope the fall days lasts longer than the winter this year! Linda

  11. Addison looks adorable in anything you put on her, but I love the poncho. You are so smart! laurie

  12. Addison looks beautiful in her new poncho. Oh how I would love to have a grand daughter to make a poncho for.

  13. Cindy, look how much your baby has grown! And she looks precious in her poncho.

    I have really missed you. Haven't been blogging because Mom died, we have had her estate to deal with, two inlaws in the hospital, I had a bad fall and broke my hand, etc. It's been crazy! I am blogging today for the first time in months and wanted to drop by and let you know I think of you often. Hope things are well with you.




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