Summer time...anniversary, wildlife, fun times!

Hi friends,
This fellow has been visiting me a lot lately.  Isn't he a beauty?  We see deer in our yard on a daily basis however usually its the Mommy deer and their babies.

Such as the duo above.  
Summer seems to go by in a flash and I can't believe were starting to wind down a bit already.

I did manage to get a few gladiolas out of my garden.
With the heat and the drought things really took a beating around here this year.

Dan and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary this week.  A second marriage for both of us that also brought together 3 kids, two dogs and two houses.
And fifteen years later we are still going strong and now have 2 darling grand-daughters as well.
Speaking of little darling grand-daughters Dan and I took Addison to the Mall of America and the zoo this week.
She loved it...and it was fun to see it through her eyes.
This grandpa loves playing with this little gal!  And she loves him too, they have a very special bond.
She absolutely loved this little bus at the Mall of America. 
A good place to play peek-a-boo with Bampa!  (That's what Addison calls him)

 And our other special little gal little Miss Calista got her first set of wheels this past week.  Oh how I miss this darling and can't wait to get back and see her.
It's hard having a far away grand-baby but maybe someday they will be able to move back closer to us.
Or we will be moving closer to them!  Either way, I feel very blessed.
Well that's about it for me folks.  I am trying to get caught up on my blog visiting too.  My Mom has Parkinson's and she has had some hard times this summer.  So between taking care of a toddler full time I've also been helping my Mom.
I do feel like the sandwich of generations many a day.
I hope your all enjoying your summer!

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  1. Oh when we lived in Oregon we had the deer in our backyard all the time. I loved watching them.

    Addison is so cute and she looks like she is having such a great time with Bampa. How fun.

    Love your flowers and so glad it has cooled off a little for you. I am so ready for some cool, can't wait. Hopefully you will be out here pretty soon. Look forward to seeing you. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi Cindy, I am amazed that you can take really good pictures of the deer. We used to see them in our backyard but not too much anymore since we pout up the fence but we see them on the street before turning to our house. Before I could get my camera out, they are always gone or to far in the woods to take a good picture. Your grands are so cute! Belate Happy Anniversary! Sorry about your mom, I hope she gets better....Christine

  3. Happy anniversary!! The little ones are growing up so fast. No deer around my place, but my daughter has a lot in her area. So many it is becoming a driving hazard, when they cross the roads.
    Sorry your Mother is not doing well.


  4. What a beauty of a young buck! Does look like the drought has depleted his food supply though, he looks THIN.

    Such cute shots of the gran-girls. Both so darling.

  5. I can't believe how big those girls are getting, Cindy! Happy Anniversary to you -it sounds like you made a good choice there!!! Love the deer- we don't see them much at the edge of town here- xo Diana

  6. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos. I'm so sorry about your mom and yes, we are at that sandwich generation. It seems to happen overnight.

  7. Cindy:

    Good to hear of your summer. Happy anniversary. Love that first photo of the buck, you can see the fuzz on his antlers. Amazing!

    Wonderful to have you with us at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

    Love is everlasting when 2 hearts beat as one....and I would say you 2 beat right along together in perfect harmony!!!!

    I love those pics of the wildlife....you are So lucky!!!The Momma deer and baby is Spectacular!!!But that BUCK is pretty awesome too!!!
    have a Great weekend get away..anxious to hear where you went!!!

  9. Congrats on 15 happy years! I wish you many more happy and healthy ones. A good marriage is such a joy, as you well know. The blessing of sweet little ones is the icing on the cake. What cuties they are!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Happy Anniversary! Love seeing all your wildlife.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Cindy and Dan! You both look beautiful in your wedding photo. I enjoyed seeing the deer. I hope they don't do too much damage to your plants. We don't see them on a daily basis, not even very often at all, but they make their presence known by what they eat (tulips this year), lilies, hostas etc in the past.

  12. HI Cindy! What a lovely post! Happy Anniversary and look at those little darlings! I know exactly how you feel about being a long distance grand mother. I don't like it, but cherish the times I get to see Carter. Now the deer are so beautiful! He's a handsome lad.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope your day is the best ever. Miss you and can't wait until you come out this fall. Hugs, Marty

  14. I would love to see those baby deer in my yard, they make me happy as long as they aren't in front of my car! Happy Anniversary! I have to say that Dan looks about 12 in the wedding picture:) I hear you on the sandwich generation...we've had a lot of family issues recently too and I seem to be getting hit from all directions sometimes. Exhausting. I've really been a bad blogger, but it is hard for me to blog when my mind is elsewhere. Your little ones are darling!

  15. Cindy, wonderful photos in this post. That deer is so majestic, and the mamma and baby are just precious. I do think that Addison must be one of the most photogenic children around (she should be in ads). Those pictures of her are precious. Ok, Calista isn't old enough for wheels, is she? How cute she is and so is that little trike. Belated Happy Anniversary, sweet Cindy. laurie

  16. Hi Cindy! I've been enjoying seeing your little sweeties on FB! How marvelous you can be such a present part of their lives. We're going to see out litle Carter really soon.
    Thanks for popping in and your sweet comments.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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