June is bursting out all over!

June is hands-down my all time favorite month!  June is a  re-birth of all things beautiful in this world.  Witness the first thing I laid eyes on yesterday morning.  A mother white-tail deer and her two newly born fawns were prancing across my front yard.  I took this picture through my window as to not scare them off.

And the hydrangea ivy is bursting out all over!  I love it when it starts to bloom and very soon it will be filled to the brim with these pretty and delicate white flowers.

Our apple trees promise to produce a bumper crop this year!!  Come August, I may be tearing my hair out trying to find places for all the apples and if nothing else, the deer will have very full bellies!

My perennials are starting to look mighty fine. 

I love my painted daisies!  They are a sure sign of June around here.

I have potted many flowers and I still am adding more....I just seem to not be able to stop myself!  LOL!

 My babies breath is looking quite lovely, another sure sign of June!
Another sure sign of June around here is when school let's out!
Yesterday, was hubbies first official day of summer vacation.
He just finished his 30th year of teaching and will probably teach several more.
But I have to say with all that's been going on in our state, this has been the most stressful of years.
Now finally we will have a few hours to spend together without the stress of this year's happenings.
And yesterday, to celebrate we took little Addison and went to a free zoo in a little town about an hour away from us.

And Addison was as wide eyed and excited as could be!  It is so much fun to see the world through her eyes.  Being a Grandparent is one of life's great joys!

She visited with some piggy's and other various barnyard animals.

 Got up close and personal with a bear!  Oh was she amazed!

And the pure joy of childhood!  A baby swing and Grandparents who love to push her!

Total Joy!

And total fun for a sweet little 8 month old baby girl!

And a Grandpa who enjoys her and plays with her as much as her Grandma does!
Oh yes, the joys of June!
Babies, baby deer, flowering trees and good weather!

Thanks for coming by my friends!  And what is your favorite month if you don't mind me asking?



  1. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note and came right over! I'm tellin' ya...this was the sweetest and happiest post...what a great way to start my day! Ohhh my...those photos of you, Dan, and little Addison at the zoo and park are PRICELESS!!! I could just hear that baby girl's sweet little laughs as she was swinging...such cute photos, my friend!!! Didn't I tell you...it's sooo different and sooo much fun with the grandchildren (versus our own kids)! Hehe! It looks like ya'll had a fabulous day...making so many precious memories for that little girl!!!

    Well dear friend, so good to hear that Dan is finally on his summer break. Bet he was ready this year! I'm so sorry about all that has happened in Wisconsin...I know that it made for a very stressful time for both of you. Do you guys have any special plans now that Dan is home on break? Things are pretty quiet here right now. Russ' kids have left for Iowa today...their mother is moving them there. I feel so bad for Russell...he is hating that they are moving so far away.

    Thank you so much for sharing this sweet, sweet post with us, Darlin'! I just adored it! You have the most beautiful home and property! I would love to be able to watch the deer...that's awesome! Ohhh...and your yard is looking gorgeous! Yep...I love June too! Enjoy, sweet friend! I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,

    PS...you were asking about Gloria's blog. Something must be going on with you and blogger because I just left her a note this morning on her blog. It was showing up for me.

  2. Love seeing pictures of smiling little Addison. She seems to be such a happy baby. I see TEETH! :)


  3. Thanks for sharing your pretty signs of June. Sounds like you and your husband are ready for Summer break. Looks like someone enjoyed her outing. :D My daughter sent me a picture of my grand in a swing like that and she was loving it like Addison.

  4. Forgot to add - May use to be my favorite month, but am rethinking that due to all the devastation and loss of life we had this year due to the storms.

  5. Everything is looking so beautiful in your garden... the flowers, trees and the deer too. Your grand is just adorable! :-)

  6. Hello Cindy,

    June is definitely a wonderful month. I love the months of April through June. Your yard looks fabulous! I completely agree with you that being a Grandparent is one of life's great joys! I love all the pictures of sweet Addison at the zoo. The pictures of her on the swing and rocking horse had me smiling!

    ~ Tracy

  7. June is also my favorite month. I remember learning a poem in school: "what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days." Plus my birthday and my son's are in June.
    Love this happy post!

  8. Oh my goodness! Cindy - those photos of Addison in the swing are priceless!! I can just feel and hear her belly laughs! How very, very, precious! Lovely photos of your yard and blooms as well - everything looks gorgeous (and much further ahead than us!) I'm really liking that ivy hydrangea - I've never heard of that before....I'll have to scout around - I assume if it grows in your part of Nod, it should grow here in ours.....Thanks for the smiles ~ Hugs, Robin

  9. Oh Cindy, I love your Joys of June post!!
    I so wish I could have seen your lovely yard up close & personal! Gorgeous flowers! And darling granddaughter!
    We hope to be back in your area in the fall... and this time I will be sure to come over!
    Btw, we got home just a couple hours ago... we drove over 5000 miles and I loved every single mile. Seriously, I could get back in the van again tomorrow!

  10. Sounds like June is a fun month for you!! Your flowers are beautiful! I am thinking of planting some painted daisies, I love them. Do the deer eat your flowers? That is an awesome shot!

    Addison looks like a doll in these pictures. Her laugh is contagious, even in pictures!! She loves that swing! Can you tell I can't wait to be a grandmother?!

    My next post will be about the progress of our work at the lake. Every time Al finishes something up, he says "Your girlfriend will like this"! And he does know your name!! I think your GPS will work fine and you can always call us if you get on the wrong track. Can't wait!!!!!!


  11. Your yard looks beautiful, Cindy! I loved seeing the deer and your painted daisies and baby's breath. Little Addison was having a great time - she seems like a very happy baby and you are blessed to have her!
    Hugs, Beth

  12. beautiful flowers...beautiful baby girl...they grow so fast little britches will be a year old this month....he loves the swing also...

  13. Your flowers are looking good. We call the flowers dianthus and you call painted daisy, interesting.
    Your dau is very lucky you spend so much time with A. Not everyone has parents who would do that, or could do it!
    She is adorable.

  14. I think reading this post was pure joy! She is such a little doll and is there anything better than a baby laughing? I would love to see the fawns so close...aren't they precious? It has been nice here too...lots of rain, but also many sunny days. It would really be nice having a husband who had summers off, although summers aren't as long as they used to be-are they?

  15. She is just a beautiful child..and I KNOW how much fun you are having with her. There is nothing more precious than a grandchild, is there?

    I know it has been a stressful year for your family with our state politics...hang in there...xo Diana

  16. I have to agree...grand parenting is the greatest of all the joys! And I can see why you are loving June, wow your flowers and awesome! I would want to keep planting too! :D

  17. Hi Cindy, your perennials are just gorgeous! And that little Addison couldn't be cuter. I have spent hours pushing our grandies in the swing - they all love it. Now, about the deer....just wait until you see what I post about what the deer did to our beautiful hosta plants - awful! They are on my naughty list right now! Linda

  18. Cindy, that deer looks huge next to her little fawns. I cannot imagine seeing this sight in your front yard! OK, I know nothing about hydrangea ivy. I want some of that! Your flowers and trees look so pretty. Of course, as usual Addison steels the show. She does seem very interested in the zoo animals, but those photos of her laughing in the swing and on the bouncy animal just make me laugh out loud. She is a doll, and I'm so glad her grandparents are finding time to enjoy being with her (I bet Mom and Dad are loving that too). laurie

  19. Cindy:

    June is such a happy time. Loved seeing those baby deer with their Momma and your garden is looking spectacular. I think that your're right on target. What could be better than a baby in a swing being pushed by their grandparents?
    This would b a great post to link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablscaper

  20. Little Addison is growing up so quickly, and she is absolutely beautiful. It looks like your summer looks to be a great fun adventure.

    p.s. You are looking wonderful by the way! I love your hair!

  21. It is so clear to see that you and Dan are certainly enjoying the grandparent role! Addison is a cute little girl who seems to be delighted with everything! Enjoy your summer. I look forward to my favorite time of the year- fall.
    hugs, Sue

  22. Yipee...I can finally make comments again! lol I was about to give up all hope of ever being able to comment on blogs again! lol Beautiful post girl...love the deer and I have never heard of a hydrangea ivy...I shall have to look for one of those...what a precious little dumpling Addison is...I know she is such a treasure to you girl...I am just so happy to be able to visit here again....take care sweetie...Picket

  23. Hi Cindy, Oh, what precious pics of baby Addison! She is precious! I can relate :). Our granddaughter turns 2 in August. We were pushing her in the swing just last month. (She lives about 7 hours away.)
    I love June too. I have been working outside in the gardens everyday. Just love seeing what's blooming and next in line. What type of climbing hydrangea is that? I just love hydrangeas.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  24. Oh Cindy, this is such a sweet post for so many reasons!
    First I love the mama and her babies prancing across your yard. We live in the same type of setting as you do and the spring fawns are one of our favorite things about spring, (although my Roses don't think so!)
    Secondly, we too are grandparents to two little boys and just love everything about it! I love one of your last photos of that darling little baby girl smiling and swinging, life just doesn't get any better does it!!
    My favorite month...all of them for one reason or another and every single day I have so much to be grateful for including the friends I have met blogging.
    Thank you for the nice comment on my post and yep that's my wrap around side porch in all her glory in the sunshine!
    PS I was so miffed about that blue paint color when my husband brought it home yet used it anyway and I have eaten my hat sever tiles over because now I love it and so does everyone else :O)

  25. OK so I should do spell check and proof my post before hitting the enter button! What I meant to say was "eaten my hat several times over" not tiles over...now that made me laugh today...would anyone care for a tile sandwich? :O)

  26. Your post was so sweet...the baby fawns an baby Addison are so sweet! June is a different month here...always gloomy in the morning and hazy warm in the afternoon...we call it June gloom...I think April is my favorite month in these parts!Oh...your yard is wonderful!

  27. Wonderful photos you just shared, Cindy. Somehow, it is already very hot here but I still enjoy it. The deer family is so cute but the cutest is little ever smiling Addison. So nice that you and your hubby both enjoy her now that school is over...Christine

  28. Such joy!! Loved this post, Cindy!!

  29. Cindy, those deer are gorgeous. I love them so, and the fawns with the doe are just precious. So special that she had twins with her.

    I loved the pics of Addison. She is growing so much and is as cute as ever. What a little doll!

    I'm glad that Dan is able to retire in a couple of years. I wish that my husband could, but it looks like years down the road. But then again, I'm very thankful he has work. That's a real blessing.

    I want to tell you how much I appreciate your sweet comments to me. I have been having difficulty blogging because it is physically painful. I did something to an old injury and got it stirred up, and I'm hoping that battle will be won soon. The other is a day by day thing, and I'm just taking it as I can, but your prayers and loving thoughts are so sppreciated.

    Sending you much love across the miles...



  30. OMG! I love the deer! They know a good thing when they feast on your apples each fall! Do you sell any of the apples or just eat as many as you can?
    And you and Dan with Addison just makes me sigh. We went to my sister's yesterday and I totally got to enjoy her's. Little Taylor is 14 months and now another on the way. I can't wait!
    Wouldn't it be fun if I just knocked on your door? We could have the best day with Miss Addison. We'd probably both be beyond exhausted, but hey! It'd be fun!
    HUGS! Me.

  31. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for visiting me at Hanging with the Hubers:)! I have fun doing my crafts with the kids. My oldest daughter has a great eye for design and often gives me suggestions.
    Your flowers and plants are beautiful! Love gardening!!! And what a sweet granddaughter you have! I know my parents enjoy our children so, so, much. Have a great day!

  32. Our "rebirth" was a few months ago here, but it sure is nice to recall how wonderful it was by viewing yours.

    Seeing that wide-eyed innocence just makes me want to give Addison a great big squeeze! Her sweet smile just warms my heart - as I know it does yours, Cindy. Isn't being a grandma just the best?!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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