The January blues..

Cali and Frosty
January is a very long month for me.  And this year has been even worse.  We have been inundated with very cold temps and when it warms up a bit, a lot of snow.  My little grand-daughter Cali is a little desert dweller.  However she was able to see snow for the first time this year when she visited her great uncle and aunt who live in Flagstaff.  My son reports that she was so excited by it all.

These deer have found some bird seed and make for a rather unique picture.  I do enjoy having wildlife to observe even if they sometimes make me a bit crazy.

This is how it looked last Tuesday after we got 9 more inches of snow.  We spent a lot of the next day getting dug out.

I have been doing a little sewing.  I enjoy it the most during the long, cold winter months.

I made this little skirt and headband for Addison out of some scrap fabrics and it didn't cost me a dime.  Sorry for the clutter.  On the days I babysit it tends to get a little wild around here.
Next week I am heading to Arizona to visit my son, dil and little grand-daughter.  My husband will keep the home fires burning.  I so wish he could have made this trip but someone has to make a living around here.  Thanks honey.  I am so looking forward to some warmer temps, even if it is just for a short time.
So what do you do to make the winter go faster?  


  1. Oh goodness, cabin fever setting in is not fun! Awww...keep sewing! That is a precious outfit you made for your little sweetie.

  2. I hate cabin fever but that outfit is totally adorable!

  3. Thank goodness you have Addison for company. Abby starts teaching in a few weeks and Al is back to work pretty much. I'm not sure if I will like all the "alone" time!

    We got about 4 inches last night. The sun is shining but it's only 16 degrees. Yesterday was in the 30's and I like getting out, even if it was slushy.

    You are going to have a great time in Arizona! Look forward to it, treasure it, and then come home and dream about spring. I will talk to Al about a get together date so we can see if Asheville is feasible as far as the air fare.

    Talk soon!


  4. They are both so cute!
    No snow here, but temps are falling fast as I type.:(

  5. The grandbabies are growing up so fast. We are getting 8 inches of snow today and tonight.

  6. Cindy, you have the cutest little granddaughters ever!! I cannot believe the difference in our weather...it's unbelievable!! We are in the 80's...It's really puzzling. It's cloudy here today..but it always just passes us by.
    Are granddaughters the sweetest things? Of course I have tons of both..LOL so boys also a joy!! Honest! :)

  7. Oh, your granddaughter is adorable in the headband and skirt you made here...what a cutie!

    It has been snowing all day here too. Probably will end up with 6 inches. I'm one of those quirky people who love winter. But I do understand why people aren't fond of the season. This has been a cold winter with a lot of grey skies and even I won't be liking it much longer if we don't have a break from it soon.

    Stay warm...and hope for sunny skies soon


  8. Hi Cindy, Not enjoying our weather much either! Lucky you to get away for AZ! Enjoy your family.

  9. HI Cindy! Little Cali looks so cute in the snow. Look at those little cheeks! You did a sweet job on Addison's little skirt and headband. She is so sweet and look at her long pretty hair! :) The snow is so lovely but I'd have a hard time living with it since we've been on the Texas Gulf Coast for almost 20 years! :)
    Be a sweetie,Shelia :)

  10. Addison has really grown up. She is adorable! Cindy, I can't imagine living with all that snow. The snow scene in my painting that I posted tonight is just the right amount for me.

  11. Isn't it just too much this year? The only thing that makes it go faster for me is that my daughter gets married March 9th and with all those details, time seems to be flying! I have seen enough snow to last a very long time and the temps are worse than the snow! Blah.

  12. That's a lot of snow! It's just been really cold here but no snow. How wonderful that you get to go someplace warm!! Addison is cute and so is her outfit!

  13. It's hard when you get so much snow, [we do too] but for some reason this year, I am loving it...ask me again in March how I feel about it. Love the deer.


  14. What a great picture you captured of the "two headed deer"! That is so funny. I be your AZ granddaughter was amazed by the snow and that snowman that is 3 times her size. The skirt you make Addison is adorable. You are so talented. It has been so cold and windy here today (wind chill below 0), but I know it doesn't compare to what you are having. Since I don't sew, all I can do when I'm home is sit by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. If Winter keeps going like it has been, Addison will have a big new wardrobe soon! Have a wonderful trip to AZ. laurie

  15. I can't believe how big Addison is geting. She is just a doll. AND I love the Doublemint Deer! lol Have fun in AZ...as I can see you are having fun by your above post. xo Diana

  16. Look how grown up! Se is such a doll. Addison just keeps getting cute and cuter.

    I am so late visiting, Cindy! Have be I dr the weather.




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