Simple pillow tutorial

I've been on a sewing kick lately.  Not  complicated projects, but several smaller ones.
I love new pillows but I don't like the price of the ones I usually want.

I bought this fabric last summer when it was on sale. 
I love the pastorial scene. 
For my pillow project I am using a 18x18  down filled pillow form.
I cut one panel for the front of my pillow.
I cut it 18" by 18" for a snug fit.
You will need two panels for the back.  I used a navy cotton that I had on hand. Cut one panel the width of your pillow and add 6 inches.  For mine it is 18 + 6 for a total of 24".  Cut the length the same as your pillow.  Then cut the piece in half.  

Next step.
Make a fold on the length of your fabric, about a  half inch and iron.
Do this for both pieces.
Then sew each panel along the fold.

Now your ready to pin your pieces, right sides together.

One panel will overlap the other in the center.
Then sew close to the edges around the entire outside of the pillow.
Now iron, trim your edges and turn your pillow case right side out.
 It will look like this.

 Insert your pillow and ..
there you have it!  I made two, cutting the panels from different sections of the fabric.

Not hard at all.
Soon you can be whipping up all kinds of pillows.
I am going to start working on some Christmas ones next.
And pillowcases for my grand-daughters too.
Here is one I made for Addison.
And I just finished one for Calista as well.
Take care friends,


  1. I love the pillows! I am a big fan of toile! Thanks for the tutorial,I may just try it!

  2. Hi Cindy! I love your new pillows you've made and that fabric is so pretty! You did a beautiful job and I love the pillow cases. I need to make some for my little Carter. I used to make pillow cases a long time ago and still have some.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love the fabric you chose, so pretty and the instructions are great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Adorable pillow - I love the fabric!

  5. Cindy, these are so. Ute! Great Jo. s usual!



  6. I hate this IPAD... Those are so CUTE. Great JOB as usual. I can't see to correct my own spelling much less the IPAD! LOL

  7. Wow! What a timely post ... I needed a quick and simple tutorial. I have three down inserts that really new covers. I'll let you know they turn out!

  8. You make it looks so easy! I really love this fabric, nice that you could make two!


  9. I love pillows also and I hate the price they ask at the stores, soooooooo I make a lot of mine also.
    Some times I put velcro on the ends and then I make them like you do. Very pretty fabric.
    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a terrific weekend.

  10. I love your pillow. That fabric is lovely- toile is one of my favorite fabrics. I need to make some new pillows here- xo Diana

  11. You have been busy with Pretty results! I am also a toile fan. I used to make pillow covers, but scaled down the number of pillows in the house and stopped. Believe me - I had many. :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. I love the fabric you used to make your pillow, Cindy. Pillows have always been my favorite thing to sew. I am making my granddaughter and grandson each a pillow for Christmas using fabric that has Disney Princesses and Thomas the Train on them, as they are their favorites.

  13. This is a wonderful tutorial, Cindy! I have been thinking for a long time that I should make my own because I can never find pillows that I really like. Your fabric is so pretty and the little sheep on the pillow case are adorable!

  14. I swear that the white and black toile is the same pattern (different colors) as the drapes in my childhood home. I would sit in the corner and play dolls weaving a story around the action in the drapes.

    Thanks for evoking a sweet memory.

  15. Of course, you had me at the blue and white toile fabric. It is so pretty. Almost enough to make me drag out my sewing machine and see if I remember how to thread it! Love the combination of fabrics on Addison's pillow case too. laurie

  16. Hi dear Cindy,

    I am just checking up on you and your goings on. Your little grands (and you) are so lucky!

    Sending love,


  17. I haven't made any pillows for a while now. The last ones I made were all sewn by hand (no sewing machine at the time). I did buy a machine at an estate sale several months ago. I promised myself sewing bliss over the winter (it's hard to believe winter is only a few week away). Your beautiful fabric is inspiring me to get motivated. I really want to embroider my own fabrics and then sew the fabric for pillow covers. Sew many projects, sew little time!



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