It's been such a tough week for so many.  Our nations is mourning.    Our heart and prayers are with the families of those beautiful little angels.
Last week my Mom suffered a stroke and although she is expected to recover the whole week was just as dark as it could possibly be.
Then this morning I got my first glimpse of Addison's 2 year pics and I am smiling from ear to ear.
Children are gifts from God and we all need to love and cherish all of the children in our lives.
Hope to be visiting you all soon,


  1. So Cute!
    Sorry to read about your Mother's stroke - hoping for a full recovery.

  2. I just happened to check in and saw this, CIndy. That is a GORGEOUS picture of Addison. I love it!

    I'm so sorry about your mother and of course what happened in CT. I will be extra glad to see my little elementary school godchildren this Christmas and will hug them extra tight.

    Merry Christmas, my sweet friend, and prayers to your mom...



  3. She is the cutest little girl! How lucky you are to have her in your life! This has been a tough week. Saying a prayer for your Mom. And wishing you a very happy Christmas.

  4. I hope your mother has improved Cindy. I've been thinking of her.

    Addison's personality has shown since she was just a tiny baby. She is a doll.

  5. Addison is gorgeous, and precious, and much loved. You are blessed to have her, and little Calista as well!
    Our hearts are heavy for those impacted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. So sorry about your mother, Cindy. "Life is fragile, handle with prayer."
    May your Christmas be blessed, Beth

  6. Oh, she is just an ANGEL in this picture! I can't imagine ANYTHING that could make it one tiny bit cuter.

    I'm over here HOPING they aren't predicting a big snow storm FALSELY, 'cause that would break my heart.

    I am READY for the snow - - - got my big girl boots on and EVERYTHING.

  7. Addison looks like a baby doll, her face is so perfect.

  8. I agree, Cindy. I have been really feeling so sad this last week and can't wait to see my four little grandchildren at Christmas to give them the biggest hug! Children are such a blessing....so are Mums so I hope your mum is feeling a little better each day. What a week you have had!
    Love from Australia,

  9. So sorry about your mother. I hope she will be okay.
    Your granddaghter is precious. Those eyes just shine.
    CHildren are blessings for sure.

  10. Addison is darling! What a cutie and such a precious little smile. I'm sorry to hear your mom had a stroke I pray she makes a full recovery.

  11. That baby girl is the cutest thing on two legs!! I fell in love with her back when she was born and she just gets more adorable, if that is possible! Love that kid!!
    (and to think I almost missed this two year picture!!)
    Love and hugs!

  12. Hi Cindy, This picture of Addison is making me smile, too! What a little doll she is!! I am sorry to hear about your Mom. I was traveling with my Mom a few years ago when she had a stroke while we were in a museum several states from home. The hospital was wonderful and I spent lots of time with her in the following two months helping to get her words back. She has had a full recovery, so it is possible! But I know just how you are feeling. I will pray for you and your Mom, too. You must be looking forward to Christmas with your own little cutie pie! Linda


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