Turning Two, a topiary, cranberries and more

Hi friends,
It seems like Autumn is just flying by around here.  But I wanted to share a little bit of our Autumn with you today.
My pumpkin topiary is made from real pumpkins purchased at our favorite little pumpkin patch.
The tutorial for this is as simple as can be.  Find a good size urn...mine came from Wally World, on clearance for $5.
Pick out some colorful pumpkins in various sizes, remove stems except for the one on top and stack!  It helps to eye up your pumpkin sizes and try stacking before buying.
I then added a few colorful autumn pics and few more pumpkins around the base.  And little grand-daughter added a few colorful leaves she picked up from our yard!
Now how's that for easy peasy!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Addison's 2nd birthday.
Since she is an October baby and loves Dora, we just combined the two for a Dora in the pumpkin patch theme.

Some yummy frosting and trying to steer clear from her Mother's washcloth.

It's always fun when your cousin and bff Chloe comes to help celebrate!  Actually Chloe is Addison's Mommy's first cousin but cousin 1st or once removed...all the same!

Her expression when we sang Happy Birthday to her was priceless!

Early this morning this fellow walked right up to one of our living room windows!  We see a lot of deer in our yard but seldom the bucks.  Autumn is in full swing around here, as you can see we have had some trees drop their leaves already.
In a few weeks I will be heading to Phoenix to visit my son and his family.  I am really looking forward to this and getting lot's of hugs and cuddles with little Calista.

Here she is now at 14 months of age!  It's hard when you only get see them a couple times a year but I am sure hoping we can bond again.
Well that's it for me right now.
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  1. Hello, love the topiary, looks Fall festive. Great birthday party pictures, sure is a sweet gal, big number 2. The deer is magnificent, great picture, hope he stays safe this time of year.Blessings Francine.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ms. Addison!! :D Hard to believe our girls are 2 yrs. old already. Mine is a huge fan of Dora and was the theme for her cake also.:D
    I do like your topiary - looks great !! I bet you were surprised to see the buck that close outside your window. Have a great trip to Phoenix - gotta feeling you and Calista will bond again very quickly.

  3. Happy Birtthday, Dear Addison, Happy Birthday to YOU!

    I sure can tell that someone enjoyed her birthday with that rainbow mouth. LOL She is a DOLL.

    And your porch looks super! You put me to shame. I have done NOTHING as in not ONE thing.

    Please tell Addison that Mrs. Magpie wishes her many happy returns...



  4. Happy Birthday pretty girl....my niece is 5 months younger than Hotrod...so he is in the same boat with cousins...what does it matter if they are second...once removed or whatever...a cousin is a cousin...

  5. Your topiary is great. I think mine would end up looking like the leaning tower of Pisa. If you would like to add it to my pumpkin decorating challenge on my blog please come by.

  6. Love the topiary and the party looks like such fun. I am still waiting to hear from Liz and Jamie, then we will have everything all set for lunch. Can't wait. Hugs, Marty

  7. You did a great job on the topiary! Love the cake covered birthday face :)

  8. Love your topiary! Happy Birthday to little Addison... We have deer coming nearby also. We're always amazed at them.

  9. Hi Cindy, Your pumpkin topiary is adorable and beautiful! I'm printing a copy so I can do one myself. Thank you! Happy birthday to Addison. I am so glad you get to spend so much time with her; there will be precious memories made for both of you. Do you skype with Calista? My friend has a grandchild who lives far away and they feel skype helps him to know their faces and remember them better, and establish their relationship.
    Hugs, Beth

  10. Stopping back by to give you a big cyber hug {{{{{ hug}}}}}. Take several while you're at it. :-)



  11. Wouldn't I love to sit and sip tea with you, dear Cindy?

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. The oven IS amazing! My friends are AMAZING.

    Please, if you love New England as I do, stop by for my newest on New England In Autumn. SO LOVELY and inspiring, as are YOU.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  12. Cindy, you have the most beautiful family! Darned near as beautiful as mine! LOL
    Your Mom has to be so proud. I know I am just so taken with my new tiny Grandson.
    They will all be here tomorrow and I will take a few photo's...IF I CAN REMEMBER TO DO IT. I am always so heart sick when I forget.
    Your Fall photo's of your home are just gorgeous. We miss having all that beautiful color in California. There is some..but nothing like the east coast.
    It's all simply stunning.
    Addison was a beautiful baby and just gets more adorable.
    Little Calista is adorable too. I hate being so far from my great grandchildren..it's terrible. I know how you feel.

  13. Cindy, your topiary is beautiful! I love all of the different colors of pumpkins. You got that urn for $5? I'm going to have to get to Wal Mart. Your granddaughters are so cute. Love that picture of Addison looking at y'all singing. Her eyes are so big and beautiful. Have a fun trip. laurie

  14. Oh, your grandchildren are so adorable! Love the pumpkin 'stack' - do they ever tumble over, or did you somehow fasten them together? Cute!

  15. Hi Cindy! Oh, I love your topiaries and your porch is one of my favorites. Oh, little Addison is such a pretty little girl and by her snaps I can tell she is as sweet as she looks. You know I understand about being a far away grandmother. Little Calista is a cutie too!
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hi Cindy, Your two little darlings are just so cute! That picture with the frosting face is just adorable. It certainly looks like the party was a success and the birthday girl enjoyed herself. I am an October girl also, and so is my son (he's 21 today!) You are the winner of my LL Bean bag giveaway, so I'll email you the info. Have a wonderful evening. Linda

  17. How fast time goes by....it seems like last week that I was reading about Addison being born and now she's two already.....you have beautiful grandchildren and so lucky to have atleast one close by....enjoy your fall weather...I know for you it won't last long....we have another month or so of this beautiful weather.....

  18. Your grands are just too cute, Cindy. I know you enjoy them a lot and wish you could be with Calista more. I can't believe Addison's already 2, terrible 2's now. Happy birthday to her! Love your topiary!...Christine

  19. Cindy I have been wanting to make a pumpkin topiary and yours are just adorable! I can't wait to see you on Friday. It's been toooo long! :) Happy Birthday wishes to Addison.

  20. I love the topiary! Awww, what adorable GKs! Addison is adorable with the cake on her face. They grow up so fast.


  21. Love that pumpkin topiary! Cute birthday pics with Addison and with the little girls together....sweeet. Linda

  22. It was lovely to visit your blog today - I haven't been here for a while. I love your pumpkin stack - next year I'll have to try this as I have the perfect place.
    I quite understand the draw of grandchildren. It's hard when they live far away - you'll have a wonderful time in Phoenix!

  23. The pumpkin Topiary is such a neat idea Cindy!

    So fun that you can be there to celebrate loved ones birthdays and special times! Family is so precious- got to see my family at my nephew's wedding last week and I so miss being near them!

    Saw you over at Marty's for the bloggin luncheon and it reminded me that I haven't come over in a bit- I have been terrible with the blogging the past 6 months- I can't seem to find time for it all. Would love to be there one of these times when you are there in Phoenix for the luncheons. We are usually there in December or Jan which isn't the best of time for people getting together with Christmas and such.

    Had Ceekay here for 5 days- we had a good time-

    bee blessed


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