Little Calista and my wonderful and talented blogger friends!

My trip to Phoenix was way too short!  When little Calista first laid eyes on me she burst into tears...not good for my Grandma ego.  But I came prepared with toys and before long I had bribed her into my lap.  After that we became the best of friends!  

 Oh my, when this little girl is happy (which is most of the time) she makes a little noise that sounds just like a puppy!  It's just the cutest thing..of course being her Grandma I think she is perfect!

Besides bonding with Calista it was fun to see her Mommy and Daddy too.  I miss them so but they seem happy and are such good parents to this little gal!

On Friday, I met up with some of my favorite gals!  All of us are bloggers and this has become our tradition to meet and then shop a little too!  I am sure you recognize many of them.
From left to right.
Karen (Some Days are Diamonds) came from Cali!  I so love this gal!   She has driven over several times when I was in town and she's brave enough to boldly go anywhere around Phoenix to give me a ride!    Next is Ceekay (Thinking of Home) she has a heart of gold and is such a hoot!      Marty ( A Stroll thru Life) who I got to spend the afternoon with shopping and visiting.  Oh we had so much fun!!
As you can all imagine, Marty has the energy of someone half her age and she has such an eye for shopping.  I like to just watch and learn, yes she's that good!   Then there is the very sweet and talented Laura at Decor to Adore,  your's truly, Jamie at Mimi's Corner, Jamie has become such a good friend!  She is so energetic and upbeat, a real life doll!  And the talented and sweet Liz from Rose Vignettes.  It was a great afternoon and I am so happy to have these gals in my life.
I want to thank you all so very much for the prayers you sent our way~!   I know the power of prayer and some of my prayers were answered with help from all of you!
With a grateful heart,


  1. Shes a beauty, glad you had a good time and lots of cuddles..

  2. oh she is just adorable...so glad you had a good time Cindy...what a fun trip...

  3. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful time!!! Your granddaughter is a real cutie-pie. I'm sure it was hard to leave her. Welcome back, Cindy! :0)

  4. Glad you had such a good time! That is a beautiful Grandbaby!

  5. She is adorable. Sounds like you had a good trip.
    Glad to hear some things have worked out.

  6. Cindy, it was so good to see you and always so much fun to get together with everyone. Such a great group of ladies. I had a ball visiting, wish you were her more often. Hopefully you will live her some day, at least part time. Hugs, marty

  7. What a cutie she is, Cindy! And it sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time! Wish I were not so far away! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  8. What a doll Calista is! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter {if that was possible!}. I'm glad you were able to get together with the girls. I blog with all of them and it would be so nice to meet them in person. Did you go out to lunch? I hope the weather was nice! :)


  9. What a precious darling little girl!! So glad you got to spend some nice time with her and the family. AND THEN the bloggers--wow--blessings abounding.

  10. Calista is a doll baby.

    I'm so glad you got to meet all your AZ bloggy buddies for lunch!!!

  11. Calista is a little doll! I enjoyed seeing your blogging friends too. What a blessing it is to be able to meet in person and expand upon those friendships.
    Blessings, Beth

  12. What a cutie! So glad you got to hold her. Glad you had a good time. Blessings ~Sara

  13. What a beautiful baby! She looks so happy! Loved the pic of you & the fellow bloggers - everyone looks great! What fun you must have had with family and friends! Linda

  14. What a beautiful child. She looks like a real life doll...look at those cheeks!

    I am so glad that you had fun with your friends. xo Diana

  15. Your little Calista is so beautiful, Cindy. We are the same way, except for the older ones, AJ and Nathan, I have to bribe them with toys to come to me at first, lol. You and the other bloggers all look so lovely. So nice to be able to meet up with them everytime you go there....Christine

  16. That is a beautiful baby.. : )
    & I think she looks a little like Addison. Glad that you had a good time with her & then some nice blogging friends...
    (+ the warm Az. sunshine must have been a bonus.. : )

  17. So glad you had such a great visit. And most definitely, little Addison is in my prayers.

  18. HI CINDY!!
    You may copy the picture, YES, please do!!
    Glad you made it home safely, it is COOL here again!!
    highs today in the 60's!!!
    Next time stay a month!!!LOL
    Hope your week is good and you get all you want out of it!!

  19. Hi Cindy, Two absolutely beautiful granddaughters! You are blessed! Glad to see all the bloggers together. I'm looking forward to meeting some of my blogger friends someday too. Linda

  20. Woohoo for answered prayers. Where two or more are gathered baby!

    I'm thrilled you had such a wonderful trip and yes...that chubby cheeked princess is perfect, one rockin' grandma to another.

    What a wonderful group of blogsisters ya got to spend some time with. That had to be a thrill and a half!

    God bless ya Miss Cindy and have yourself an incredible day.

    Welcome home sweetie!!!

  21. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just wanted to come over to say hello and see how you are doing? Have you settled back in after your trip? Loved getting to see the photos of Calista...she sure is a sweetie and such a pretty girl! I know that you are missing her. It's so tough when you live "away" from your kiddos!

    So happy that you got to get together with all the gals! What an awesome photo...love your pretty pose! Too cute! Sooo...what have you been up to since you got back home?

    Have a wonderfully sweet day, dear friend! Tell Dan that I said hello!

    Love ya,

    PS...just want you to know that I'm keeping ya'll in prayer, Sweetie! It's so difficult when your kids are having tough times. I'm going through it with my youngest daughter right now. I feel sooo bad for my grandkids and really worry about them. Please keep them in your prayers as well! Love you, honey!

  22. I tell you, Cindy, you DO have the most adorable Grandchildren ever!
    Little dolls, both of them!
    I know about the "Grandma's ego" thing and it's not easy when you are not around the babes very much!
    I have one little Great that I have never seen and he is a year old now! Very upsetting!

    I knew most of the ladies in the photo..but not as well as you do. Marty of course.
    What really caught my eye was the jeans that Liz had on..and her who style was so cute. Another thing that tickled me was that you were all in jeans and to know I am certainly not the only one to live in them! For some reason I was sort of surprised to see Marty in jeans! Isn't that silly?? Made me feel good.
    No bloggers really live close to me..but one two did drive a distance to meet me..and it's such a thrill to meet people you have come to love and admire on their blogs, in person.
    Oops! Writing a book here. Sorry! :)
    Love and a big hug!

  23. Glad your trip went well and all is safe. She sure is a beauty. Nothing like the gifts of our grandchildren. I hope your doing well and out enjoying this early spring weather we are having.

  24. Calista is precious! Looks like you bloggers had a great time. I'm so jealous. OK, I missed the post about prayers for Addison, but I immediately began praying when I read it. Hope everything is better now. Sending you and Addison big hugs. laurie

  25. Yet another adorable granddaughter...you are definitely blessed. I envy you your day with blogging friends. I am the only person I know personally who has a blog and I've yet to meet any other bloggers in person...maybe one day. Oops...I have to take back what I just said because I forgot that my SON has a blog! He actually developed his right after I started mine and he is much better at it than me...and much more prolific with posts! So glad prayers were answered and I pray many more will be also.


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