The Beautiful Colorado Rockies!

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Colorado was our visit to the town of  Estes Park and our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park.  I often see 4 legged creatures with antlers around our neck of the woods, but none as big and majestic as these guys.

We were very excited to get up close and personal with the elk.  They are really big and I wouldn't want to get on their bad side.


Just look at those antlers!!  Aren't they incredible creatures.

And the drive through the park was both breathtaking and at times a little bit scary. 

We drove to the highest peek some 12,000 feet or more.

Seeing snow up here in July is really something.  The temp dropped a good 25 degrees and the air was thin and made me a bit dizzy and headache.

There were just a a few little yellow flowers up this high.  Our info said that it can take 50 years for these plants to grow an inch.  That just blew me away.

Amazing Views.

I kind of thought this house could work for me.
Can you imagine their views? 
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  After I'm home about a week I'm ready to go again. 
I'm also joining Susan @  A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
Thanks for coming by my friends,


  1. Cindy..
    so glad you had an enjoyable time here in Colorado!Yes..those Rockies are awesome!
    breathtakingly beautiful! Estes Park is also a favorite place to visit!
    warm sandy hugs.. Loui♥

  2. Wow, that's amazing that it would take any flower that long to grow! All your photos are spectacular! I've never been to Colorado, but it's on my someday wish list. The word you used for the antlers was so correct: majestic. And so are the mountains!

  3. Estes Park is just breathtaking isn't it? Your pictures are just amazing, it was like I could just reach out and touch that elk and breathe the mountain air. You must of had a wonderful time!

    Ya'll have a magnificent day!!! :o)

  4. Thank you for the beautiful tour -- makes me want to go there! We're just one state to the east -- Oklahoma -- so maybe I will one of these days. Annie

  5. WOW...you are just having too much fun! That is so beautiful and the elk are awesome! I would love to go see all of that! Keep enjoying your summer! :D

  6. So beautiful. I was there about 8 years ago. One of my sisters lived in Denver at the time. It was September and I marveled that the snow I was seeing was for the previous winter. I could smell the pondarosa pine as we drove in the convertable with the top down. It was lovely. Thank you for bringing back great memories.

  7. That scenery is just beautiful. I have been thinking about Colorado lately. We lived in CO. briefly while my dad finished some research at the University there. It was a great year. I loved how the weather could be so fickle and just change on you without warning. The blizzards though are terrifying! I am glad that you had a safe journey and took such wonderful pictures! Those animals don't look scared at all. I always wanted to pet one with the velevety antlers when I was younger, but somehow I think I would quickly change my mind if I ever tried it :-)

  8. How beautiful! I've never seen an elk in person...except maybe at the zoo. It's neat that you saw their antlers in velvet. Isnt' that what it's called?

  9. great photos Cindy...love the elk...

  10. Really SPECTACULAR photos! They were breathtaking!

  11. Breathtaking scenery and gorgeous photos.


  12. Oh Cindy, this makes me wish I hadn't moved from there. We miss it so much. We used to drive into Estes all the time and take pictures up there. Once, I came upon an art class out in a field and they were scattered everywhere with their easles, painting. I was able to get a picture standing behind them in the field and you could see the scenes in front of them on their canvases. Seriously, it was a magical moment.

    I love the Rockies.

  13. Your pictures are beautiful and so is your blog!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Cindy, your photos are incredible! Since I grew up in completely flat land, I am always in awe over the sight of mountains - heck, I'm in awe over the sight of a hill! Did you oooo and ahhh and scream "yikes" all the way through the mountains? laurie

  15. Those antlers are huge! What pretty photos. Thanks for the views.

  16. Sigh.
    Isn't it to die for?
    Love the Elk. And yeah, when you hit some of the 14000 foot peaks further south, it makes your ears hurt!
    Loved this. I'm so glad you guys had a great time! Man I wish I could've met up with you!
    I'm back now too - OK, back to the real world! :)
    Big hugs my friend! :) Me.

  17. The elk are cool, great captures! The mountain scenery is gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  18. Stunning views and scenery, Cindy!! I have been to Colorado but never the Rockies! How exciting this must have been. Did you stay in the mountains? A little log cabin? ;-D

    Where are you off to now? I left comments on your last 2 posts...don't know how I missed them!


  19. Such drama here. I have encountered Elk close up and they are so serene and elegant. They hardly acknowledged us! Love your pictures--Jacqueline

  20. We have friends that live in the foothills of the Rockies...isn't it just the most amazing place! We would go elk hunting every evening...actually looked out their kitchen window one night and there was a huge elk looking back at me!! LOL...

  21. Gorgeous photos! But the one I really loved was the photo of you and Chari, so nice to see you gals! We should all publish photos of ourselves more often!

  22. I've been to Estes Park --it is a beautiful place and your photos captured it perfectly!

    My son and his family live in Colorado and I love the entire state :)

  23. Hi Girlfriend...

    Well..it's about 2am and I couldn't sleep...just sitting here wondering if you're up as well? Hehe!

    Cindy, your photos of the mountains are absolutely fabulous...GORGEOUS!!! The Rockies are spectacular, aren't they? Ohhh my gosh, I couldn't believe that you got such upclose and personal photos of those big ol' elk...they're awesome! I'm soooo glad that you guys enjoyed the mountains...so sorry to hear that you were a bit faint headed and got a headache...eeeks! But I do the same thing when we get up to those really high elevations. Sooo...I was wondering if ya'll ended up staying in Estes? Did you get to meander through some of the shops? I just love that place...it's one of my favorites!!! Thank you for sharing your photos with us...you really did get some spectacular shots!!!

    How are you guys doing? What have you been up to since you've gotten home? I'm hoping to get back to my blogging...I feel like I've been gone a year! Hehe! Well Darlin', I'll talk with you later...

    Love ya,

  24. Such beautiful photos... Love the amazing 'antlers' on those animals. Notice they are fuzzy, is it the growing season for them? Or are they getting ready to shed?
    The 'home' on the hill is wonderful but I would not want to be snowed in during the winter.. gave up Midwestern snow when I moved down to sofla.
    Nice post and nice vacation for your family.

  25. Cindy, what a fabulous, fabulous trip! Loved seeing the pics. Glad you had such a great time.


    Sheila :-)

  26. I so glad you enjoyed your time in Colorado. I used to drive over Trail Ridge road in the summer when I'd go home from Granby. It wasn't so expensive back then and neither was gas!

    Your pictures are great! We always make a trip to Estes each summer. Hope you found the taffy shop~it's the BEST ever!

  27. Breathtaking and stunning Cinday! WOW!!!!
    I want to visit Colorado soon. You really captured some gorgeous photos!

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  28. 50 years to grow.....wowza! Great photos! Looks like you had a nice trip.
    Joyce M

  29. O Cindy this is so wonderful. I hope I will able to visit Colorado one day!

  30. How long did you stay?? You get used to the altitude after a while. Beautiful pictures. We love on far from the mountains but we don't make up there very often.

  31. How breathtaking beautiful Cindy...I have been there before and seen the huge elk...Glad you had a great time...How's your daughter feeling...I pray all is well my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  32. Ok Cindy the next time your Colorado way you'll have to give me a heads up! We have 10 - 14,000 peaks in our area and I can show you some great long horn sheep- plus bees and rattlesnakes if you want-- skip the rattlesnakes-

    Sounds like you and Chari had a great time! You are always welcome down in the SE part of Co- have a couple of great guest rooms too!!

    It was fun seeing pics of you and hubby over at Chari's!

    bee blessed

  33. Beautiful photos, Cindy! I have been to Estes Park when the kids were small and we all enjoyed it. those elks are huge! The view is breathtaking!...Christine

  34. Stopping by for the first time. I recently joined the Bloggerette Sorority and wanted to meet some of the 'sisters'.

    My blog door is always open for new friends. Drop by, help yourself to some tea and cookies and meet my 6 dogs.

    God bless.

  35. Beautiful pics, Cindy! You sure get around a lot!
    I can't remember the last time I got out of NY!
    Those elk look like they would even eat more of my plants than the @#$#@! deer!

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    Thanks for your help,

  37. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Colorado is a wonderful state to visit, isn't it? I'm glad you had a good time.

  38. Cindy, These are gorgeous creatures and so powerful looking. The Colorado rockies are outstanding. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures.

    When I was a little girl my family would usually go to Colorado to vacation. I need to go back and see it from an adult's point of view.

    Beautiful countryside.

    May you have a sweet day,

  39. Fabulous photos, Cindy! The mountains are magnificent and ...wow...I don't think I have ever seen a close-up of elk! Beautiful! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Baby Kitty! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  40. Hi sweet friend...

    Just read your note and wanted to come by and say hello! I know...doesn't seem like two weeks have passed since our get-together! It sounds like you've been keeping busy with your fair projects. What are you entering? You never said. Anyway, I do hope that you're having fun and I wish you the best in the competition!!! Yes, my sister and brother-in-law left last weekend. It's been fairly quiet at out place with the exception of a couple of days that the kids were here! Hehe! I'm just trying to catch up with everything now. OMG...I am sooo behind with my blogging! You know how fast the world of Blog goes by! Eeeks...I'll never catch up! Hehe!

    I have been seeing the advertisements for the movie Inception...sounds like a really great movie! I'd love to see it! Well Darlin'...you enjoy the weekend! Tell that honey of yours that we said hello!!! Love you guys!


  41. Cindy, I love Colorado - what a beautiful state! My mother, aunt and I made a trip years ago and went through Estes Park - gorgeous. Love your photos! Linda


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