My Mom's Guest Room/ A Metamorphosis

Hey everyone, how was your week-end?  Ours was rainy and gloomy.  We desperately needed the rain but why does it always have to wait until the week-end to show up.  Monday's forecast is for sunny skies and highs in the mid sixties. And  since I have been a bit slowed down by my recent surgery I thought I would share with you my Mom's guest room.  Above is how it looked before she moved in last June.  It had been a young child's room.  And since my Mom didn't have a lot of time to get everything repainted, and since some of the other rooms needed it more,  she decided to leave the color and just work with what she had. 
And here's how that same bedroom looks now!  Today was not a good day for pics.  Sorry their a bit dark. But sometimes the moment just hits. 

A little better view.  Remember, she kept the paint color and just worked with what she had. I love the white iron bed.  Her puffy quilt was purchased many moons ago at J.C. Penney's but still looks really new.

A white wicker rocker and some accessories.  I love her old lamp!

Over here she has a white wicker shelf and some things to make it homey.  My Mother is like me, or should I say I am like her.  We both like to scour garage sales and 2nd hand stores for art work and accessories.

A cute little white stand is and wicker mirror are another garage sale find.
On the windows she used some simple white curtains purchased at Target. 

A slightly different angle.  She has a beautiful view out this window.  But as you can see, it was a dark and
gloomy day.  See the art work...

Here's a little better view.  It's a whimsical piece that my sister Susie the art teacher made for her.  I like it because it's a bit unexpected.

A better view of the quilt. 

I think she has made it a nice little retreat for her guests.

A sweet little book for that complicated Mother/daughter relationship.
 Oh and I wanted to share with you my Mom's tabletop in her dining room.  Lot's of charming blues.

I bought her this soup tureen for Christmas.  I just love the birds and the pretty folk art look of it.

The little pig salt and pepper were a gift from me many moons ago.

Some pretty blue glassware balances it out.

And next time I will try to wait for a sunny day for pics.  Enjoy your week everyone!

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  1. What a cozy guest room. I'm sure guests won't want to leave.

  2. Beautiful room! I love the bed and the quilt. Everything looks nice!

  3. Cindy, it's a beautiful room! I could close the door, stay in there an sleep for a week. It's so cozy - which in my book - is the very best way for a bedroom to be. Please tell your mom she did good, no she did great!

  4. Hi Cindy! Oh, what a lovely room! I adore your mother's puffy quilt. The iron bed is so beautiful - I've always wanted one like that! The tureen is so lovely too!
    I just love peeking into others homes! :)
    Be a sweetie,

  5. How Pretty! Such a pretty room to stay in!
    Have a great week.

  6. Cindy, I am so glad you are getting better. Your mom's guest bedroom is just gorgeous. She did a fabulous job with here beautiful iron bed, the wicker and I love that puffy bedspread. So pretty. Such a warm and inviting room. Love her pretty blues on the table too. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Cindy-I hope you are continuing to feel better and taking care of yourself. Your mom did a great job with the room and the wall color is just fine. I love that bed and the puffy quilt. This is the kind of room that makes you want to snuggle in and stay :)

  8. It looks very compfy...like a fun place to stay a while! Hope you are feeling better my friend :D

  9. Love that room! Great job in making it so welcoming! I so love that quilt, too!

  10. Oh I love the pig s/p set! So precious! The bedroom looks divine! What a charming you two created!

    I hope you are 100% soon! That was a tough surgery for me too! I was younger then but it was still tough!

    Hugs Anne

  11. Your mom's guest room is really nice Cindy. I'd never have guessed she was "just making do". I love a sweet, homey feeling, it would be wonderful to be a guest there. The little pig S&P shakers are adorable!

  12. Cindy your mother's room is so sweet! I love her quilt! Looks like you all had a fun time at your sisters shower! The cake is so pretty! Get all better!


  13. First time to visit your blog, very interesting. I love the series of photos and angles you captured of guestroom. Quilts is beautiful, I love to be your guest hehe. Thanks for sharing.

    I'll be your follower now, if you can follow mine as well.Ty

  14. Cindy, This room would be a wonderfully comfortable place to stay- Half the fun of furnishing a room is discovering thrifty finds while yard and estate sale-ing. Hope your recovery is going well. Take care of yourself, Cindy! hugs, Sue

  15. Such a pretty room! I love her quilt! Hope you feel better soon!

  16. What a beautiful metamorphasis, Cindy! Your mother has a lovely guest room. I scrolled on down and read about Susie and Chloe too - neat story and gorgeous little darling! Stop by and enter my giveaway if you haven't already!

  17. Lovely bedroom. I am so partial to wicker and loved seeing the rocking chair in there...it looks great with the headboard too. Your sister is a good artist...the painting adds a little pop of brighter color.

  18. Susie is one talented lady! I love the blues and the movement in her painting.

    Your mom's room turned out so nice with the blue and white puffy quilt and the white furniture.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cindy.

  19. What a beautiful transformation.... it made me think of all the possibilites! Love the quilt, love the accessories. Anyone would love to stay there!

  20. It is so beautiful what she has done. She can come over to my home anytime and decorate my rooms.


  21. Hi Cindy! LOVE your beautiful quilt of blues!!.. and I got a kick out of the piggy salt-n-pepper shakers! How CUTE are they!! Happy Blue Monday! ~tina

  22. hey Cindy! Great makeover of your Mom's guest room. It's delightful and very inviting! I love that antique lamp myself! :) So sorry to hear you've had surgery! Once again, I am playing catch up on all my fav blogs! Hugs friend! ~CC Catherine

  23. Hi Cindy, didn't know you had surgery... hope all is well, really.
    Lovely Met on your mom's room. LOVE the art your sis made and that book.
    Now your sister's baby shower, cute cute cute. and your table with all the spring flowers LOVE IT.
    Wait till you see next Sat. not this coming Sat. but the one after that lol
    it will be even PINKY-ER than the last one. It will be my birthday bash. I was going to post this Sat., but it's our 22nd Anniversary, and i want to do a special post for Randy. By the time May rolls around 2 months will have passed since the big day OMG
    Saying hi to you my friend.
    Love Claudie

  24. Hello Cindy,

    I hope your recovery is moving right along and that you are getting much better.

    Your mom's guest room looks great. Very comfy and welcoming. I love the little pig S&P shakers - too darn cute!

    ~ Tracy

  25. What a warm, inviting guest room. Your mom did a great job! Who wouldn't love to spend a few days there, especially with the beautiful view out the window. It's really welcoming!

    Take care and Happy Blue Monday!

  26. Well, my comment was eaten...so, I'll try it again. I love your mom's guest room. The quilt does look new and I love the touches of wicker. The artwork is wonderful and I agree it is an unexpected touch.


  27. What a lovely retreat your mama made for her guests! Well the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree! Her tabletop is great too. Thanks for bringin' us to Mom's house, it's a great place to be.

    Have a blessed day sweetie!!!

  28. Hello Cindy, hope youare feeling better. The room is nice, i like the bed cover and cushions.

  29. Cindy, your mom's guest room is just charming - love it! I also love that she was able to work with what she had and come up with such a lovely room. Beautiful bed! Linda

  30. Your mom's guest room is so pretty, Cindy! Gorgeous bed and beddings! I also love the soup tureen....Christine

  31. Hi Cindy, Looks like a pretty room in a bed and breakfast. I always love white wicker! If you want to make an easy Tussie Mussie just buy some of those inexpensive child's paper party hats at Walmart or someplace and use those. Open it up and use as a template, then decorate with pretty papers and whatever bits and bobs you have on hand. It's so much fun.

  32. What a cozy room for your mother -- love the bed. And those piggie S&P's are too cute!

  33. I enjoyed seeing your mom's pretty bedroom and all the blue and white! Love the neat painting your sister did!

    I hope you are feeling better! I can empathize with you - I had my gall bladder removed when I was 23!


  34. Thank you for your comments! Wow! What a change! It's looks great! This is definately a cozy retreat for her guests. That bed looks so inviting too! Beautiful!

  35. The room is lovely, and I love the blue tabletop!

  36. Hi Cindy,

    I love the makeover! It is very warm and inviting!!
    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  37. What a lovely transformation! She really has a wonderful guest room now!
    And I love the two cobalt blue glass pieces on the table.

  38. Hi Cindy!!!
    So glad you got your card and it touched your heart, I cannot wait for your next visit!!!You are such a dear sweet friend to me now!!!!I love that comfy looking comforter!!!AND her cute little things sitting around, those kinds of things make me smile, so nice to have things surround us that we love!!!!
    I love your view even a gray cloudy sky, It sure is pretty and green!!!!
    Have a GREAT week

  39. G'morn, Cindy ~ I am sorry to learn of your surgery & hope that you heal quickly. I am sure you greeted the removal ... I did happy dances to have mine removed.

    Your room is just lovely, so warm & inviting.

    Have a beautiful day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs in love, Marydon

  40. Oh Cindy I can see where you get your good taste in decorating from! What a lovely, cozy and comfortable room for guests. I love your sisters painting! Totally unexpected! A guest room is something I have always wanted. We always give Michael the two smaller rooms in each of our homes so I'm left without a guest room. Enjoy this beautiful weather we're expecting. Hugs

  41. Cindy...I loved your pictures of your Mom's redone room. I didn't think they were too dark at all. What a cozy and inviting room it is! The white wicker chair is wonderful in the room and everything came together just great. The white iron bed is my favorite thing though! Absolutely. I used to yearn for one of those!

    Please tell her I said "HELLO THERE!" :)

  42. Well - like mother, like daughter. Her guest room is as welcoming as your guest room. So pretty with all of those soft colors. That floor lamp is beautiful, and I love the little wall-mounted corner shelves. You know I love the vignette on her table. There's nothing better than blue and white, and she's got some wonderful pieces. Those little pig s/p shakers are just adorable! laurie

  43. Just getting around to checking out blue monday posts. Love your Mom's bedroom and those little piggy salt and pepper are adorable. Have a great week!


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