Tablescape Thursday/ Tea Time with me!

     Hello my Friends.  Recently, I  made a little pillow using this  tea-cup fabric.  I thought it would be fun to use my left-over fabric as a table runner.  I  also decided the fabric should become my inspiration!  I love tea-cups and I love blue and white!  It is always so cheery and I never tire of the combination!   I decided I would use my cake pedestal to display one of my all time favorite tea-pots and tea-cups.   You see, these were part of the first blogger give-away that I ever won! 

  The dinner plates are Willow, by Spode.  And they became the other part of my inspiration!  I found these at TJ Maxx.   There were only 2 that matched, but at only $2 a piece how could I resist?

I added my Myott Finlandia cups, salad bowls and dessert plates to the mix. I purchased these at garage sales and from E-Bay.  The napkins are actually paper, but I think they work!  Another TJ Maxx find.

It was a nice sunny morning when I took these pics.

My $1 Estate Sale tea-pot sits on top of my little blue and white Johnson Bros. plate. 

My lace tablecloth is actually just fabric that I folded and placed on top of a blue checked table cloth.
I guess I would call this a tea time luncheon for two!  Probably two ladies, since most guys would probably find this too feminine for their taste.  But then, who cares!   Most of us know our husbands or significant other don't usually get into our dishes or tablescapes!  My hubby always notices and makes nice comments, however, I doubt that he gives it much thought otherwise.  How about the Men in your lives?  Do they notice your nice tables and are they interested in the china?  Curious minds want to know.  Well, my curious or maybe nosy mind.   Now go visit our  lovely hostess Susan, who we know is into dishes for Tablescape Thursday .
There will be gorgeous photos to oooh and aaah over and many participants to visit.
And thanks for coming by, I love hearing from all of you.
My comment button is usually at the top of my post.  I don't know why, I have tried changing it a zillion times but it just doesn't budge.  I bring this up, because I have had people e-mail me about it.   I guess I just have the defective one.  Lucky Me!    Cindy


  1. I just love it all...may I come for a tea party?! I love the sun shinning in through the window, after 13 inches of snow yesterday, that looks so good to me! Lovely dishes, love the runner! Come say hi :D

  2. So pretty -- love your tabletop blues. My husband does notice the dishes and he says, "If you're happy....I'm happy!" But he'll only eat at the table if we're having company -- otherwise, it's in front of the TV *sigh*

  3. So beautiful! I love blue and white as well :)

  4. I saw the cake stand at a local store and almost purchased it but I just wasn't sure how I would use it. Now I could kick myself after seeing you create a centerpiece with it. Love the table, especially the teapot and birds perched high.

  5. Well today the post a comment is at the bottom!!!! What a lovely blue and white luncheon/tea table. I love your mix of patterns. My hubby does comment on all my tables. Now left to his own, he wouldn't probably care about how the table looked as long as the food was good, but he does compliment the tables I do.

  6. Cindy, you know how much I love this-all of that gorgeous blue and white. Love the fabric layered over the tablecloth and that fabric for the runner! Did you really get that tea pot for $1? It's wonderful! This blue and white looks so pretty with your painted chairs. It's perfection! laurie

  7. Love the blue and white together - one of my favorites.

  8. I love it! So fresh in blue and white. What a great deal on the teapot too.
    My dh just says oh it's Table day again?? And did you buy MORE dishes...you are sick..etc etc. :)
    But you are right who cares..Is it football, hockey, baseball, basketball golf watching day again??LOL

  9. Hi Cindy Sweetie...
    Oh thank you for sharing this beautiful blue and white table setting. So exquisite. I adore it. I love the table runner that you made from the fabric you had left over, (you know we never know when those little pieces will come in handy). I would have never know the napkin was paper, sweetie it looks like linen in the photo. (see we would have never known). Love it.

    Your teapot is so pretty and feminine I adore it as well. Have you ever thought about feeding some ribbon through your little cake plate? A blue ribbon would be beautiful or one with little tea pots, even if you had a left over piece of fabric, you could tear it, and feed it through even just a little in the front and tie it in a bow. It would sure make it pop. I love it sweetie.

    Ooh I love the stemware and the little vase you added with the flower is just the perfect touch to complete your beautiful setting. Thank you for sharing sweetie. It is so beautiful.

    We are going to miss you for the AZ Blogger tea. It won't feel the same without you and Karen. I wish you could make it to Maryland in April for the tea there. I will be flying in on the 16th and the tea is on the 17th. I think we are going to have a fairly large crowd. Maybe 20, so I am tickled pink for sure. Can't wait to meet the ladies from around there. So many I actually blog with. So exciting.

    Have a beutiful evening sweetie, and thank you so much for sharing with me. I love it when you do.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  10. I love all your mix and matched blues! s And I do remember your pillow made from this fabric... I think that post was the fist time I "found" your blog. My husband doesn't pay attention to things like tableware or china. He notices the food though. :-)

  11. Hello Cindy! I really like all the patterns of blue you put together! Very nice!!

  12. Your comments button is at the bottom today, Cindy!!

    I love your pretty table, You are right, we both did blue and white today but I was SO pressed for time and you know what, so many of my place mats and tablecloths, napkin rings etc. are up at the cottage. I am bringing it all back home unless I have something planned up there. But I digress...

    I love all of your tea things and I love the Blue Willow plates. I am going to send you an email about those so look for it. I also admire how you were back at your sewing machine. I still have to get over to my SIL's to get a few lessons! lol!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!! :-)


  13. I don't even own a lace tablecloth yet, and you and Marty are making me seriously jealous and wanting one. Georgeous!

  14. Well it is down here at the bottom now. I had it happen in my blog too but found out how to change it.
    I can picture all kinds of yummy treats at this table.

  15. what a lovely setting.. I am so in love with the china you used for the table..

  16. Oh Cindy you know how I love the blue/white combo look...that cake stand a nd tea pot and cup are just beautiful my friend...WOW!! you hit the Motherlode of winning there...
    Girl Len just shakes his head when ever I set the table for TT...how ever I don't do alot of them anymore to hard for me to get around and visit all of them any more...Cindy next time I talk with my grandson I'm going to ask him about your comment on the top and see if he can get it changed for you...He works at Google here in the valley...
    I hope all is well in your world my friend...Hugs and smiles to ya Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  17. I loved your blue and white. Your home looks charming and I would have bought it just for the grass. I miss that Wisconsin grass. I grew up in Wisconsin and now I live at an altitude of 5700 in high desert country. My husband does like a nicely set table. Joni

  18. HI Cindy!!!
    OH I love LOVE LOVE that blue and white table!!!
    How beautiful you made it and yet so simple, even I could do it!!!! I love that tea pot on top of the cake pedestal!!! That is a very pretty one!!!!
    Great buys on those dishes!!! I never would have guesses that napkin to be paper!!!You could have kept that secret!!!haha When I do something unique or silly or different for dinner my hubby looks and just says what's for dinner!!! The food is the main thing for him!!!!haha
    glad you are home safe, and hopefully it is warming up!!!!
    Miss you and I wish you were coming to our tea!!!!
    I have a little gift on it's way, probably go and mail it out tomorrow!!!

  19. Hi, Cindy! Now you know that I am a lover of all things blue and white, and this table certainly qualifies. Love it! Great job, and you got some good finds there.

    As to Mr. Magpie... he appreciates a nice table setting, but he'd rather watch Hulu than discuss it with me. LOL! My dad, though, and even my BIL loved fine Haviland. Daddy tolerated other patterns. My mother loved Blue Willow for everyday, so we had that when I was a teenager. Then when pieces got chipped, etc, (aka when she was ready for a change), she got a pattern called Brown Quail (Mama felt that everyday patterns should work for men... she was always considerate of them. Again, Daddy loved Haviland because that's what his mother and grandmother had. Actually his grandmother had Bernardaud. And Daddy was a very masculine man. My cousin Gordon's father was the same way. Gordon said he could recall that his father would have a Haviland coffee cup sitting on top of a fence post as he dug the next one on their farm. So real men do like fancy china! LOL! ;-)

    My BIL bought an antique Haviland pattern for each of his daughters and his granddaughters. Maybe for the boys, too, for all I know. But he and my sister enjoyed collecting. He loved to go to antique stores and estate sales. She loved Copeland Spode, too.

    Mr. Magpie is happy eating off paper plates, but his mother is a china junky, too, and sometimes she gives us wonderful pieces. You know that always makes my heart go pitter patter. LOL!

    Boy, I'm "chattery" tonight!


    Sheila :-)

  20. Your tea for 2 is just delightful, Cindy! I love blue and white dishes too, very classic. I think my hubby is better in noticing pretty tables than sorting what plants to water, lol....Christine

  21. Your table looks so pretty. I love blue and white, I always have. I had those colors in my room when I was growing up, well, after the little girl pink stage. It was even my high school colors. I guess I had to love it :-)

  22. Such a beautiful sunny spot for a cuppa tea, Cindy!
    Your blue dishes are simply perfect, mixed & matched together so lovingly. I'm super envious of that $1 bargain teapot & did you know we have very similar cake plates, too. :)

    My DH will ask "what are you doing now?" & I simply answer "Leave me alone, I'm playing with my dishes!" He just shakes his head & laughs.

    There are a lot more expensive hobbies & he knows it!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by the Gazebo House.

  23. Love your table top. It is lovely. Oh, you can find some great deals!

  24. Oh Cindy, I would love to join you at this lovely table. I love all of your beautiful blue and white. Your teaposts are gorgeous. I love the mix of the blue and white dishes. That's whats so perfect about them, I think they all mix perfectly. The lace is such a pretty touch. Hope your weather is getting better. This looks so like spring. Hugs, Marty

  25. Beautiful tea table, Cindy! I love that blue and white!

  26. A perfect Spring table Cindy! I love the table runner you made. The fabric is so sweet.:)

  27. "Ding dong".

    "Ding dong".

    "Hello?" (door creaks as I let myself in.) "Are you here?"
    Oh no - you aren't - now I remember you said you had to work today.
    Well, that's OK, I'll just make myself a pot of tea and make myself at home.
    NO WORRIES! I'll have dinner ready for ya when you guys get home!
    :) HUGS!

  28. Hi Cindy,
    I just read your comment about your cousin...Maryrose Kelley...too funny.
    I love your table in the blues and whites and I also love your use of fabric. You add so much interest and pazazz(did I spell it right?) with all of your fabric.
    As for the husband ... mine came in this week and asked where I got my tulips. He sent me tulips for Valentines Day and I think he thought the ones I bought at Sams Club were better quality. They were, but his were more dear.
    Have a great day and come back and visit often. I am a silent stalker to your blog and I think it is time to come out of the closet and announce myself. Hope I am welcome :)

  29. charming!! blues always make me feel loved!

  30. .....and tea time is when???? I had to blow up the charming tea set(not the tea set but the picture) so I could ready what it said. I can see why it ranks high on your favorites, Cindy!
    Your inviting photos always makes me want to come over and sit a spell.

    "This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad it it," I just love it!!!

    God bless :o)

  31. Happy Happy Happy. That's how your table made me feel as soon as I opened it. So quaint and well, happy!

  32. Hi Cindy! Stopping by to say HELLO and also to compliment you on the lovely tablescape.

  33. Love your blue and white table for two, very pretty, but then who could go wrong with blue and white!

  34. Oh, Cindy, what an exquisite presentation in blue & white. Love the fabric & the setting you created ... so warm & inviting.

    Happy St Patrick's Day
    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  35. Hello sweet friend...

    Ohhh Darlin', what a fabulous tea table you have created for us today! It's absolutely gorgeous! You know, I have begun to buy a few blue and white things...inspired by you and Gloria! You girls and your blue! Hehe! But you are absolutely right about the freshness and sweetness of this beautiful color combination! It really does feel feminine...very romantic I think!

    I remember when you won that sweet teapot and cup/saucer. They are sooo beautiful and really look so GRAND elevated on that pretty reticulated cake plate...along with the sweet little birds...it makes such a beautiful centerpiece for your pretty tea table! Girl, you always make the most beautiful things...I love your pretty teacup table runner! I certainly can see why it was the inspiration for your table! Ohhh...and I love, love, LOVE how that lace looks over the blue and white checked table cloth...that really turned out soooo pretty! I was wondering about it when I first started to look at your photos...and then you told how you got that look! I love it!!! I would use that again and again for your blue and white tables...it really looks that beautiful!!! Well my dear, you really did get a great bargain on your blue Spode plates...they are really pretty! And I think that your blue Finlandia dishes look gorgeous with the Spode! I love how this mixing and matching looks...I really do think it's prettier than just using one set of dishes for a place setting! You did GOOD, Girlfriend! Your entire table is really beautiful!!! I'd love to sit down to your beautiful table and have a cup of tea with you! We would have a grand ol' time, wouldn't we! Hehe! Some day, my friend!

    Hehe...I think that Dan and Russell are probably wearing the "same shoes"! Russell always is very sweet to give me compliments on my tablescapes but I know it's not his thing! Guess that I'm pretty happy about that fact though...wink! But I will say that he is getting pretty good about being able to tell me what the pattern names of certain dishes are! He does pay attention! hehe!

    Well Darlin', I hope that you're having a wonderful day! I have been fiddling around in my dining room...trying to "Springify" it! I would like to photograph the buffet but we're having snow and the lighting isn't very good! I have found that my photos are blurred when the lighting isn't good! Even with all the lights on...don't know what's up with that? I would love to get a new camera...a fancy one! But...you know how that goes! I really have been having fun with the photography! I enjoy that as much...if not more than the decorating! I should take some classes but hate to think about driving the 50 mls (round trip) to the college! One of the downfalls with living way out in the boonies! Hehe! What have you been up to, my friend? Got any projects going? I'll talk with you later, sweet girl!

    Love ya,

  36. Always a treasure to be found at TJ Maxx, right? I like the blue and white combination, too. Very pretty.


  37. Oooh, I just stumbled upon you somehow. I love your tea-tablescape! I'm looking for ideas today. Need a little motivation. Thank you!

  38. Hi Cindy,
    I left a comment but I am not sure it posted. If so just delete this one.
    I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your table and your use of fabrics. It really creates alot of interest and I think the blue and white is so pretty and fresh.
    I also just read your comment about your cousin Maryrose Kelley...too funny.
    I have been a secret follower of you blog, I love it, and I have decided to come out of the closet. Hope you don't mind another visitor.
    Enjoy your day and visit anytime. :)

  39. Hi, your table looks so beautiful....Kathy

  40. Your collection of Blue and White is very fresh and pretty, especially with your white chairs and lacy cloth.


  41. SO gorgeous! I think you could run a ribbon inbetween those spaces on your cake platter. What fun that would be to change up the ribbons!

  42. Blue and white, my favorite! What a lovely tablescape you have created Cindy.

    ~ Tracy

  43. Just beautiful!! I'd come and have tea with you anytime!

  44. So very pretty Cindy. I adore those paper napkins, the desing is fabulous!

  45. This is so pretty! The things look so beautiful on the cakestand. My husband thought the table setting was a bit silly at first. Now, he likes the way the house looks with the table set. He also looks around for things at stores now...he wouldn't admit that, but it is true!

  46. so pretty! I love blue and white!

  47. Oh my you got Spode Willow for $2!!!! LOVE them. I love the Finlandia also and look at that when I'm "shopping" at replacements.com. Love the way you have used the willow. I think I will steal some of your ideas. It is beautiful!!

  48. I love how all your blues go together. Now promise not to laugh - when my husband and I got married nearly 20 years ago we wrote very personal vows and one of his was to always appreciate the colors blue and white together. So I've been a fan of this combo for a very long time. :)

  49. HI Cindy! Oh, I just love your beautiful table. I love Blue Willow too. Everything is just gorgeous. Love that pretty cake stand and the tea pot and the napkins, oh and the tablecloth... :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me,
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  50. Hi Cindy!
    Thanks for commenting on my cottage kitchen re-do, I appreciate your kind words. :) I will def hook up to Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch, thanks for the info!
    I LOVE your blue and white, it's fresh and crisp and clean looking. I love your cake plate and spode plates as well. I'm a pushover for any cake plate out there! I just bought one this past week at TJ Maxx. (my absolute favorite store!) :)
    Thanks again for stopping by and have a blessed day!

  51. love the colours ,they are my favorite! nice table scape

  52. Hi Cindy,
    Running late as usual, but had to stop by for a look. Just beautiful ... so soothing! Loved seeing your bargains and the table runner you made is perfect!

    Have a great weekend!
    Warmest regards,


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