An Apple Tablescape for an Apple Cottage and I won a giveaway!

Today I'm joining Leigh and Susan for a double post! Thanks to our lovely hostesses and please visit their blogs @ http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for Tablescape Thursday and http://lbratina.blogspot.com/ for Thrifty Thursday! I have been wanting to do an apple table for some time but I just couldn't find the right dishes with the right price! For my centerpiece today, I am using my apple tea-pot filled with red geraniums . I found my apple butter dish on sale for only $2.00 and my S&P shakers are my every day's and look like little mason jars.

Now can you see the cute little gingerbread family? I was one of the lucky winners of Beneath my Heart's recent giveaway! Traci is the lovely gal who made these and they are just the cutest thing! Be sure to visit her Blog and see all the neat things she has going on and pics of her lovely family! Thanks Traci!

A closer view, aren't they adorable! I thought they fit perfectly for today! Later, they will go on my Christmas Tree!

An up close of my 2.00 butter dish find.

And now for the super thrifty part! I found my apple plates at Old Time Pottery for only .25 a piece! $1.00 for 4 cute apple plates by Oneida! We don't have one near us, I found these while on vacation.

I'm using my fave Country Living Table cloth, my nubby white place mats and Red gingham paper napkins tucked inside my cloth ones. The cute green glasses with the fruit pattern were a recent purchase from TJ Maxx. I splurged and spent $3.00 a piece on them!

A final view with a view! Thanks for coming and I hope you like my apple table! Please leave me a comment and let me know you came by. Cindy


  1. Yay Cindy! Looks like we're both winners today! Your gingerbread family is precious!
    There's something about apple decor that just makes me smile. It's so homey and fun and colorful! It also reminds me of Autumn.
    Those dishes were a steal at only
    1.00 for 4 plates! How do you ladies find such incredible bargains? As always your tablescape is just lovely, so colorful and fun!
    Have a great evening my friend! Hugs, Loretta

  2. I came to see your outdoor Wednesday and was happy to see you had your Tablescape Thursday up already. I love the apple theme! Your gingerbread family is too cute!


  3. Love the bright cheery reds & your presentation. Congrats on your win. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Cindy,
    Thanks for including my gingerbread family in your tablescape. It made me smile real big! I hope you enjoy them.
    I love the tablescape too. Red gingham is one of my all time favorites! And apples too! It's so cheerful. I love that tablecloth too, what a perfect combination.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. WooHoo, Cindy! I'm so happy that you won! Very cute, too. :-)

    I also love your thrifty finds for your tablescape. Girl, you have some bargains there! And they are so cute and happy! Red really does ring my chimes! Your table is just fun!

    Love to you, and I'm glad you entered my giveaway and good luck!

    Happy Tablescape Thurs!


    Sheila :-)

  6. This is a mighty cheerful table. You found such great treasures! Love your gingerbread family and I do love gingerbread with apple cider - great thought to mix the two together - know you'll love decorating with the cute family this Christmas.

  7. Cindy, this is so cheery and happy! Love that butter dish too!

    Have a good week!

  8. Pretty table. I absolutely love the tablecloth and the geranium in the middle is perfect. I love the little gingerbread family, so cute.

  9. Cindy, this is downright adorable. Love your centerpiece and the way you tied your napkins. Love the colors also!


  10. Hi Cindy! Congratulations on winning the giveaway! Your gingerbread family is so cute! And I love your tablescape! I haven't seen those apple plates before and I love them! That tablecloth is just gorgeous! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Baby Kitty! Enjoy the rest of your week!...hugs...Debbie

  11. I can't believe you got those pretty plates for.25!
    That is an adorable table..the gingerbread is so cute!
    Great table!

  12. Oh I love the apple tablescape. So cute. Your dishes are just gorgeous and I can't believe the price. What a find. I love your little gingerbread family too, they are so cute. I just love them. Such a gorgeous view too. Thanks for stopping by my TT and leaving such sweet comments. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  13. This is really cute, love the gingerbread men with the apples!


  14. Oh I love the red!!! One of my favorite colors!!! The apple theme is sooo darling and perfect for YOU!!!

    You are a lucky girl to have founs such a bargain in these pretty dishes!!!

    Congrats on your win!!! The gingerbread family is just too cute!!!

    Happy TT!!!


  15. OMG Cindy! I can't believe you got those plates for 25 cents a piece. I like them, they're pretty! Love your centerpiece and the gingerbread looks good in it. Congrats on winning!...Christine

  16. Hi Cindy,
    Your apple theme is so fresh and colorful! The glasses were worth splurging on, too! Congrats on the win!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind comments.

    Bye for now,

  17. Cindy, those are some gorgeous plates and that gingerbread family is so precious!

  18. Love the apple-scape! The red and white is so striking. Your gingerbread men are very cute!


  19. Oh Girl this is yet indeed another awesome table from Cindy..Love the apple theme you went with as its so you...Thanks for sharing my friend...May you have a wonderful week...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  20. I love the plates! What a bargain they were. I found two of the cutest apple bakers today in a thrift store and didn't buy them because I don't have any apple dishes. Now, I wish I would have picked them up.

    Don't forget to join us on this weekend for the final Christmas in July Tablescape Party on Saturday (some may spill into Sunday since the 25th is Saturday. I am having a real CIJ family dinner on Sunday, but will post my table photos Friday night and Mr. Linky will be up and ready at Playing Dishes.

  21. Totally adorable.

    The gingerbread family is so cute! You did get a bargain on those plates. Right place at the right time!

  22. Congrats on your winning! I have apple in my kitchen, too. Your pattern is very cute and I love the gingham.

  23. Cindy, your little gingerbread people are adorable with this tablescape. Your table is so full of whimsy. The apple dishes scream family to me.. What a steal of a deal you got... hope all is well your way... hugs ~lynne~

  24. Cindy.. congrats on the Gingerbread family win.. they are darling. I love that tablecloth! That woulda been perfect with my tablescape this week as well.
    Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments.. You're so precious!

  25. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note...so happy to see you today!

    Girl, your apple tablescape is simply charming!!! I can't believe you found those pretty apple plates for just a quarter...that was a "steal of a deal"!!! Your place settings are so pretty...love that nubby white placemat and how you did your napkins with that cute red & white checked napkin!!! Cindy, I think that this pretty red and white table cloth is my favorite...everything you use it, I just ooohh and aaahh over it! I love it...it's always the first thing I notice on your table when you've used it! Love your pretty new fruit juice glassed too!

    Ohhhh...what a charming centerpiece!!! I love your little apple teapot, my friend and the red geraniums are so pretty!!! I have to tell you...everytime I see anything with apples on it...I think of you! I guess it's your name, "Applestone Cottage"! Last week when I was shopping at the antique mall, I seen several items with apples...every time I did...I thought of you Sweetie! Hehe! Love your new little apple butter dish...can't beat $2! And...your little gingerbread family...just precious!!! Congrats on winning that sweet gift...I think they're adorable with your apple tablescape!!!

    What are you up to today? I need to go and unpack all of my Grandma's pink depression glass that I brought back from Texas with me...so I can do a Pink Saturday post this weekend! Guess I better go and get to work! Hehe!

    Love ya,

  26. Cindy... what a joyful, bright and inviting tablescape you've created.. just beautiful! I'd sit at that table any time!!!

    isn't winning a blog giveaway just the best! congratulations!

    blessings. Dixie

  27. What a happy looking table in red and white! Great finds on your appleware!

  28. This was such fun! What a sweet tablescape! I love the apple motif!
    Great job!
    All the best,

  29. Pretty table and congratulations on winning. I need to visit OTP soon.

  30. Awww, I love your tablecloth and the placemats just pop off the table. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hey Cindy!
    I entered that contest too. I am sooooo glad that you won them. They look perfect on your table, So cherry and sweet! I love the apple decor and that red! beautiful!Well done! Thank you for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week! Be sure and drop by to see what the other thrifty participants are showing off. Some really great finds!
    Thanks again!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  32. Great TT, I just love red and your table is so pretty. Pretty pattern on the tablecloth and what a cute ginger bread banner. Congrats~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  33. Cindy, Hi dear friend! What a lovely share today with your Apple decor Tablescape and with those lovely purple flowers outside the window where the table is. Have missed chatting with you! :) Thanks for stopping by my place to say hi! :) Hugs! ~CC Catherine

  34. Your table is just adorable..and congrats on winning the gingerbread family. Looks great and it will be darling on the tree.

  35. Just enjoyed your pretty apple themed tablescape! Glad you were able to put one together...afterall you are Applestone Cottage! Loved the teapot...and it looks great with the red geraniums. Great apple themed finds. Happy TT! Hugs!

  36. Congratulations on winning such a cute giveaway Cindy!

    I love your apple tablescape - so appropriate for Applestone Cottage!!! :D Jewel

  37. Cindy, I LOVE those apple plates -so cute! The tablescape is just darling! ~ Robyn

  38. Hi Cindy! congrats on the win-- that gingerbread family is so cute!

    Love the apple theme going on today -- apples are so happy looking. You just have to smile back at them!


  39. Cindy, this is so charming! What a fabulous deal you got on those plates!! And how perfect they are for Applestone Cottage. I am lovin' that tablecloth! Congratulations on the Gingerbread people win! They are adorable. laurie

  40. This is a table that I would be happy to sit down to dinner at! Or lunch. Or even just a cup of tea and a nice chat! Beautiful!

  41. Cindy, Congrats on the win! That is a bright and beautiful table - love the reds and the apples - you just can't beat it! Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

  42. Oh yum I want to decorate my vintage beach cottage kitchen in red and white.Your kitchen reminds me of cozy camping days in Maine and the Cape shanti's.

  43. Hello Dearheart...

    Just stopping by to say Hi and see what you've been up to! I read the sweet note that you left me on my pink depression glass post...thank you so much Sweetie!!!

    It's a beautiful day here in colorful Colorado! There was a car show today (about 140 mls. from here) and Russell took the kids to it! They had to leave at 5:15am...so that is why I'm still home and not at the car show! Hehe! That's just too darn early for me to get up and out of the house! hehe! So the house is pretty quiet...thought I would use the time to get caught up with everyone! Sure hope that ya'll are having a great weekend!!!

    Love ya Sweetie,

  44. HOW cute! Perfect tablescape for your blog!

  45. I love red with white and love the apple motif!


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