Outdoor Wednesday/The Beautiful Mississippi!

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday with our lovely hostess Susan. Be sure to visit her lovely blog and check out some great posts for Outdoor Wednesday. My son and his wife have been visiting us from Tempe,AZ. They are now on there way to visit her parents in Southern Wisconsin but we will meet up with them again on Saturday. Yesterday, we took a ride up the Great River Road to a little town called Alma, Wisconsin. This is a beautiful little town along the bluffs of the Mississippi. There is a look out point high above the bluffs called Buena Vista. The scenery is spectacular and I thought you might enjoy these pics!

Overlooking the locks and dam.

A sweeping view.

I posted some pics a few weeks ago of the apple blossoms in bloom. Look at all the little apples that have appeared! Can you all come visit about the middle of August?

I love baby's breath ! I planted this last year and it's really taking off.

My painted daisies.

The ivy on the side of the house is now flowering!

My pansies are still looking pretty good!.
I hope you enjoyed the scenery! Thanks for stopping, I love hearing from you. Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy! Those views really are fabulous. I love all the plants too. Very pretty!!

  2. Hi Cindy!
    I love Baby's breath too! I have planted it a few times and lost it. It came back this year, but no way like yours!! It is beautiful!
    And how great are those little apples! I am jealous..
    You bet I'll be here for your harvest...

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Beautiful pictures,
    I have never seen painted daisies until today they are stunning. and I always love babys breath, and the apples . well my goodness I guess i love them all. LOL. Thank you for sharing. great pics. and post.

  4. Hi Cindy! I love the breathtaking view of the Mississippi River. Your flowers are so pretty and those apples, hmmmm....hmmmm....good! I bet you can't wait for them to ripen...Christine

  5. Your garden is lookin' good! I never get a chance to see my painted daisies - they are scarfed right down every year. Yours sure are pretty. Pretty shots of the ol' Mississippi, too. ~ Robyn

  6. Hello Cindy, what amazing views and photography, your daisy are gorgeous, happy outdoor Wednesday and happy gardening, Kathy.

  7. Cindy,

    These pictures are awesome. The views are just beautiful. I love the rolling hills in Wisconsin.

    Your flowers are doing fabulous. I have never seen painted daisies like these and i belive I will be making a run to find them tomorrow (I am still behind on planting with all this rain).

    The apples are looking good! I will send you my address!!


  8. Hi Sweet Cindy! ;) I'm finally back to visiting... Much happening in my families world...and just wasn't able to visit. I have missed you too! ;) I hope you are continuing to have enjoyment with your tea set. Love all the pictures on Outdoor Wed., especially the ones of your flowers...so gorgeous! ~CC Catherine

  9. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Cindy! What a gorgeous view! And oh my...you have such beautiful bloom in your yard... I love the baby's breath and the painted daisies...such vibrant colors! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  10. Hi Cindy !
    Wow your yard looks terrific ! That Mississippi river is huge - the trees that surround are so green - I wonder what type they are. I am loving looking at so many parts of our great land !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  11. Hi Cindy! You are always heading off to somewhere interesting! It was fun to see the Mississippi from that end. I've seen it in New Orleans from the other end! Your flowers are beautiful! Great pictures!! Happy OW...hugs...Debbie

  12. Cindy - what a beautiful post for OW. We went to Alma, WI late last winter on our eagle spotting adventure so the lock & dam area was mostly ice and below the dam was where the eagles congregated. I love the photos of your beautiful flowers especially the painted daisy and baby's breath.

    I see apple pie in your DH's future ;)

  13. What variety is the ivy, I've never seen any blooming. My mom has English ivy around her house, and it grows with abandon. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Mississippi. It looks like it starts out as a big river! Just saw it once on our way to Wisconsin.

  14. Cindy, I enjoyed your pictures today. We live on the Mississippi in Vicksburg, and it was interesting to see the way it looks in Wisconsin.

    I loved seeing your baby apples and pretty painted daisies, too. I can't wait to see your apples in August, but I'll be back to visit again before then.

  15. Hi Cindy, love your pictures! The baby's breath is soooo pretty. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  16. Hey Girl.
    Wow. The Mississippi River. I hope to one day see it live in all it's glory. Takes you back in time to simpler days . . . I still love the story of Huck Finn.
    The white stuff in the background of my picture? Hmmmmmmm . . .

    H!. You know we well! Hugs. Karen

  17. Oh, I love your Painted Daisies.

  18. Very interesting pictures of the dam. I love how you grow babies breath. I've never been able to grow it! Your painted daisies are beautiful, they didn't even look very real!

  19. wow, the river is big, thanks for sharing your photos

  20. Hi Cindy
    Just stopping by from seeing your comment on another blog. That "ivy" is a climbing hydrangea. It's beautiful!

  21. Those are some amazing photos! I do believe you have way more flowers in bloom in WI, then I have in PA. Your garden looks lovely.
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Totally loving the painted daisies! Your oversized photos are fabulous.

    Come and see me!

  23. Oh Cindy those views of the Miss.are breathtaking! Your painted daisies are spectacular. I've never seen such a vivid pink. I really need to get some of them. Are they perennial? May I ask where you got them-local or through a catalog? If they were bought local do you remember the name of the color? I want to make sure I get the exact ones you have! How cute your little apples are. Are they Macs? I have some bright red crabapples on the new tree in my back yard. I will take some pics and post my garden soon. Everything is starting to explode with color! Have a restful evening! Hugs, Loretta

  24. Hello Dearheart...

    So glad that you came by yesterday...loved your note! I'm so sorry that your son and wife and to leave for a few days. It's always so difficult trying to divide up the time between visiting both families...at least they will be back for the weekend!

    Girl, I'm loving all of your BIG photos...and these that you posted today are just gorgeous! I have been over the Mississippi River a few times...it never seized to amaze me! You really did get some fabulous photos...beautiful country!!! Ohhh...and I really enjoyed all of your flower photos too...I especially like that painted daisy!!! It has the prettiest...most vibrant pink, doesn't it? Gorgeous!!! All of your flowers are looking so beautiful!!! I love the Baby's Breath...I need to plant some to have around for floral arrangements! So it's pretty easy to grow?

    Well my friend, I'm getting really busy with trying to get everything together and ready to leave early Saturday morning. Laundry, packing, and trying to get Sunday Favorites posts around...hehe!!!

    So do you have more plans when your son gets back this weekend? Talk to you later, Sweetie!

    Love ya,

  25. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful things Cindy! The Mississippi is amazing and your flowers are simply gorgeous! How wonderful to have a patch of baby's breath!!! Those beautiful painted daisies are so bright they don't look real! Have a great week! :D Jewel

  26. All those wonderful apples. My kids would be beside themselves! Sadly, we can't grow them in our zone.

  27. Evening, Cindy! OH, what beautiful photos! Those painted daisies are the most beautiful I've ever seen. I have always dreamed of growing baby's breath but have been so unsuccessful with it. Yours is looking perfect!
    Precious little baby apples! Oh, I love this!
    Thanks for popping in and I always enjoy your visits,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. thanks for sharing these photos. I love the river photos.. amazing and happy OW. Have a great day too

  29. ~Gorgeous scenes Cindy!

    What really caught my eye as well are your painted daisies. I have never seen anything like them before and they are stunning. ~WOW!

    Have a great week my friend.
    ~Melissa :)

  30. GM Cindy...girl I am loving all these photos...but those painted daises I have never seen and are just beautiful...I wonder if my deer would eat them...I know I am going to find me some for sure..Now the baby's breath I had years ago and it was great to dry and use in wreaths...maybe I should also get some more of that ha ha!! Now years ago I went through the locks in Seattle and it was just awesome to me how they did that...One minute I was way down in a hole and the next I was at water level again...wished I had taken a camera with me...hey it was before Blogging...Or as I call it now BB...Ha ha!! May you have a great week my friend...and thanks for coming by and seeing me..I always love your visits...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  31. Cindy, what beautiful pictures of the Mighty Miss. It is amazing that we could live so far from each other, yet the same river runs right by our town. I love baby's breath, but when I've planted it, it didn't survive. Do you have a secret? Those painted daisies are gorgeous! Thanks for all of the beautiful scenery. laurie

  32. Cindy, beautiful! I love all the flowers you have, and I am sad to say that I have never seen the mighty Mississippi! Thanks for the pics. Linda

  33. Beautiful scenery...love all your flowers! Thank you for sharing!
    Take care, Laura

  34. Thank you, Cindy for coming and for your sweet comment. You have a nice week!...Christine

  35. Hi
    I found your blog from blog hopping today :)
    Thought Id say Hi!
    :) Candy

  36. Hi Cindy!
    I just found your blog and just had to comment. You see I am originally from WI... grew up on a dairy farm off I-94 between Eau Claire and Black River Falls. Yes, the Norske Nook is about 10 miles from our farm! Ha!
    But I have lived in Tempe, AZ most of our 30 years of marriage. We too will be empty-nesters in January when our youngest goes in the Marines.
    We have driven back to the family farm every year since we married.... and we take the Alma trip along the Mississippi every time.
    Where in WI do you live? Enjoying your blog Cindy!

  37. I enjoyed your pictures. Love the colors in your flowerbeds. I have never seen ivy that blooms before.. I will have to look for that at our home depot.
    Thanks for sharing.


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